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Earth Science Week 1 Individual Essay

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Week One - University of Phoenix Material

Earth and Earth Materials Worksheet

Part 1: Layers of the Earth

• Complete the following diagram by identifying and naming Earth’s layers.

Layers of the Earth
• Write a 150-word summary or list that describes the basic attributes of the layers you listed in the diagram.

The inner core is made of solid metal, mostly iron-nickel alloy. The outer core is made of the same substance, just molten. The outer core is about the same temperature as the surface of the sun, while the inner core is cooler, thus making it solid. Scientists have confirmed this by examining waves and how they pass through the layers. The next ...view middle of the document...

The main difference between the two is that diamonds are extremely harder than quartz. As a matter of fact, diamonds are rated highest on the Mohs scale of hardness, a 10, while quartz measures only 7. Quarts is much softer than diamonds. They are also made up of different compositions. Diamonds are made of pure carbon, while quartz is made up of silicon dioxide. They also come from different areas of the world, mostly, and refract light differently. Diamonds refract light at 2.4 on the refractive index, while quartz only refracts at 1.5, thus making diamonds look much more prettier than quarts in jewelry.

Part 3: Fossil Record Table

In the following table, give a brief summary of what scientists have learned from the fossil record. Include in your summary description the type of fossil evidence scientists based their information on. Add one more type of evidence with a summary to the table.

Note. You may need to do outside research to complete the table in addition to your weekly readings.

Fossil Record Table
|Area of information |Summary |
|Climate change |We can find fossil evidence of fish where there are no lakes now, and plants that grew in |
| |tropical areas where it is no longer tropical. This is proof that there was climate change |
| |and that it was over the entire earth. |
|Continental drift |There are several fossil evidence that prove the theory of continental drift. For example, |
| |fossils of mesosaurus have been found in both south America and Africa, proving that they |
| |were once joined, along with a specific fern called Glassopteris which has been found in all |
| |of the southern continents, again proving that they were once joined together. |
|Extinct species – dinosaurs, early mammals, |This is the only reason that we know that dinosaurs even existed were because of their |
|etc. |fossils. We have complete skeletal fossils and fossil prints of actual dinosaurs. We can tell|
| |by fossil prints that...

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