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Earth Pollution Essay

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Pollution is a major global concern because of its harmful effects on the person’s health and on the environment. Everyone is affected as we are all inhabitants of this one and only place we call home, our planet Earth. Each person has something to contribute to prevent its further deterioration, to help ourselves, the children and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. We can help combat pollution in our own immediate environment if we are aware of the nature and form of pollutions and its effects on us and the environment. ...view middle of the document...

According to Engelking, Paul, in his report “Pollution”, partly states that urban air pollutions are commonly known as smog. It is generally a smoky mixture of carbon monoxide and organic compounds from incomplete combustion (burning) of fossil fuels such as coal, and sulphur dioxide from impurities in the fuels. As the smog ages and reacts with oxygen organic and sulphuric acids condense as droplets, increasing the haze. Smog developed into a major health hazard by the 20th century.

A second type of smog, photochemical, began reducing air quality over large cities like Los Angeles in the 1930s. This Smog is caused by combustion in car, truck, and airplane engines, which produce nitrogen oxides and release hydrocarbons from unburned fuels. Sunlight causes the nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons to combine and turn oxygen’s into ozone, a chemical agent that attacks rubber, injuries p0lants, and irritates lungs. The hydrocarbons are oxidized into materials that condensed and form a visible, pungent haze.


The demand for fresh water rises continuously as the world’s population grows. From 1940 to 1990 withdrawals of fresh water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and other sources increased fourfold. Of the water consumed in the United States in 1995, 39 percent was used for irrigation, 39 percent was used for electric power generation, and 12 percent was used for other utilities; industry and mining used 7 percent, and the rest was used for agricultural livestock and commercial purposes.

The pollution of rivers and streams with chemicals contaminants has become one of the most critical environment problems of the 29th century. Waterborne chemical pollution entering rivers and streams comes from two major sources: point pollution and nonpoint pollution. Point pollution involves those pollution sources from which distinct chemicals can be identifies, such as factories, refineries or outfall pipes. Nonpoint pollution involves pollution from sources that cannot be precisely identified, such as runoff from agriculture or mining operations or seepage from septic tanks or sewage drain fields; it is estimated that each year 10 million people die worldwide from drinking contaminated water.

Sewage industrial wastes and agriculture chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides are the main causes of water pollution. The U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) reports that about 37 percent of the country’s lakes and estuaries, and 36 percent of its rivers, are too polluted for basic uses such as fishing or swimming during all or part of the year. In developing nations, more than 95 percent of urban sewage is discharge untreated into rivers and bay’s, creating a major human health hazard.

Erosion, the wearing a way of topsoil by wind and rain, also contributes to water pollution. Soil and silt fine sediments) washed from logged...

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