Earth – On The Verge Of Getting Bald

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It is very evident in our generation that out Mother Nature continues to be destroyed as it shows us the effects of what negligence we are doing to her. But did you know, that even on 1990, there are group of minors who showed their care for our nature by filing a petition case despite the fact that they will go against the secretary of DENR that time? Now, after 22 years, I’ll be representing this generation, to show and tell you that abusing the privilege to cut-off trees and illegal logging are the top reasons why our Mother Nature suffers in many ways.
The destructions of our Mother Earth manifest in the changes that we see in our: water, land, and natural phenomenon.
In the bodies of water, it caused water shortages resulting from ...view middle of the document...

Aside from our bodies of water, environmental tragedies also effect in our landforms and habitats. One of its results is massive erosion and the consequential loss of soil fertility and agricultural productivity. Another is the endangering and extinction of the country’s unique, rare and varied flora and fauna. Next is the disturbance and dislocation of cultural communities, including the disappearance of the Filipino’s indigenous cultures. And lastly in this category is the flooding of lowlands and agricultural plains arising from the absence of the absorbent mechanism of forests.
In addition to water and land destruction, the scariest of all, for me, is the epic changes in our nature itself. Recurrent spells of drought as is presently experienced by the entire country is the most manifested effect of our Mother Nature. In addition to this effect is also the increasing velocity of typhoon winds which result from absence of windbreakers. And finally is the reduction of the earth’s capacity to process carbon dioxide gases which has led to perplexing and catastrophic climatic changes such as the phenomenon of global warming, otherwise known as the “greenhouse effect”.
The gift of beautiful and rich natural resources must be appreciated and valued. We must learn how to take good care for it, since we are given the privilege to have dominion in it. I have given you the noticeableeffects of abusing the nature given to us, and it will be our choice if we will handle them with care or just like the others, neglect their presence then sooner experience the effects that might end even our lives and our beloved.

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