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Earth Hour, More Than An Hour

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Prof. Jacqueline Landau
ENGL 102
January 2013
Earth Hour, More Than an Hour
The Eastern coast of the United States has been through the most ruinous hurricane; Australia had most severe forest fire; Beijing had the darkest daytime because of over-polluted air. These disasters were the news people frequently heard last year. With the disparate development of environment, an increasing number of governments, organizations, and individuals notice that the earth is facing a tough period of time. Many of them have been taking actions to inform and call on more people to protect the environment and live in a green life style. People call them environmental protection ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, they are willing more and more people can join them all over the world. It possibly is an application of environmental issue in globalization. Furthermore, Earth Hour also appeals to all human beings to undertake their own responsibilities for the nature because human’s activity, particularly after industrialization and urbanization, is the main reason of today’s environmental problems. They have to do something to make up their mistakes.
Earth Hour is one of the most representative international activities. It is aimed at passing on environmentalism to the public and let people be aware of current environmental issues. In 2007, the first year, the World Wildlife Fund proposed that both businesses and households were inspired to reduce all inessential electricity to reinforce the focus of global climate change in Sydney (Sdreed). Here are two photos in comparison between before Earth Hour and during the activity of a financial district in 2012 (Figure 1). The virtual comparison is sharply intense when those skyscrapers take their bright and luxurious jackets. After that, World Wildlife Fund has continuously encouraged people to do it and more and more people have followed. After World Wildlife Fund’s consistent endeavor, people gradually remember this annual environmental protection activity. In its 2012 online advertising video, they take advantage of virtual and hearing impact on human. They asked, “I’m just one person. What can I do for global warming? I’m just one person. What difference can I make?” directly (YouTube). The answer is obvious, in membership with them. Further speaking, Earth Hour expects to tell people how critical and meaningful global cooperation is in solving environmental issues. Individual’s influence is limited so people have to get together.
According to the questionnaire’s survey conducted personally, roughly fifty-two percent people mentioned they heard about Earth Hour but never had participated. In contrast, only around fifteen percent people said they actually did. The result of the survey shows that many young people know about Earth Hour. However, merely few of them followed it. Thus, the activity holders should come up with new ideas and design significant processes to attract people to join in the Earth Hour. Nevertheless, the majority young people at least know basic information about it, such as it is for encouraging people to reduce the use of electricity, surprisingly. Cheeringly, all twenty-two people who were asked for the survey responded that they are willing to do it in the future. It means Earth Hour fulfilled its initial goal, drawing people’s attention on climate change.
Earth Hour is not just a regional campaign. Its aim is to encourage people all over the world to participate and cooperate to deal with this problem. They expect more people can realize everyone on the earth is associated with this issue. No one can refuse to take his or her responsibility...

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