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Earth Dancers Vs West Side Story

674 words - 3 pages

Mallory Green
Grade: 9
Due: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
Earth Dancers & West Side Story Evaluation
Q: What was the dance like?
EARTH DANCERS: In the Earth Dancers performance, I chose the "Resurrection Fern" dance piece. It was one of the last pieces of the first act. The costumes that the performers were wearing were several different vintage style mini dresses. There was no more than ten young adult female dancers in the piece. The dancers all had equal roles in this piece.
WEST SIDE STORY: In the West Side Story performance, I chose the "I Feel Pretty" scene. It was scene one of the second act. The costumes that the performers were wearing were lingerie and pajamas that were different for each dancer, but the same coral color. The performers were Maria and the Shark Girls. Maria played the lead role, especially in this piece. The Shark Girls observed her and mocked Maria.
Q: How was the ...view middle of the document...

WEST SIDE STORY: The "I Feel Pretty" scene was put together using a small variety of movement. The dance was put together to go along with the lyrics of the song that the performers were singing. The choreography was expressive but used literal movements. There was no kneeling, sitting or ground levels. Only standing and minor almost unnoticeable jumping. There were a few partner moves although the focal point was on Maria. The size of the movements were moderate.
Q: What did the dance mean?
A) What was the central idea, issue or message?
The central idea was that it was a group of young women who spent there days laboring and doing chores. It revealed how independent women positively are.
B) How did the work make you feel?
It made me feel stronger and more stylish. It reminded me that there is a world of possibilities and that I can do anything I set my mind to.
C) What did the work look/feel like?
The work looked and felt motivating. When I left the performance, this was the only piece that I could remember start to finish. It really played a big impact on me.
D) What did the dance remind you/make you think of?
It reminded me of women's rights and how only a few decades ago women had such a distressful time in society.
A) What was the central idea, issue or message?
The central idea was that Maria felt pretty and her best self when she was around Tony, the love of her life and the Shark Girls thought that she was being delirious so the impersonated her.
B) How did the work make you feel?
It made me feel that I should be myself, around anyone and the friends who don't like it aren't really my friends. It also made me feel sorry for Maria since she was so in love with Tony and couldn't express it around her friends.
C) What did the work look/feel like?
It felt and looked girly to me because of the costumes and how it was a clique of girlfriends at a sleepover doing there makeup and nails and just being girls.
D) What did the dance remind you/make you think of?
It reminded me of having a sleepover with my friends and conversing about boys, dancing around the room and doing eachother's nails.

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