Early Resistance Against Spain Essay

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Early Resistance against Spain
Although the Spain had conquered the Philippines, the liberty loving people never gave up their dream of independence. They were Christianized and Hispanized, but they retained their fighting spirit and their love for freedom. To prove their aspiration for freedom and to resist Spanish abuses, they rose in more than 100 revolts.
Causes of Revolts:
1. Our love for freedom and independence
2. Abuses of Spanish encomenderos
3. Tribute (residence tax)
4. Forced labor (polo)
5. Land gathering by the friars
6. Basi (wine) Monopoly
7. Religion

Filipino Revolts Against Spain
Revolt of Lakan Dula and Sulayman

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They made a secret agreement with a Japanese sea Captain, Juan Gayo, to furnish them with arms and Japanese warriors. For many months, the Filipino patriots held secret meetings. But before they could strike for freedom’s sake, the uprising failed when they were betrayed by Antonio Surabao (Susabau) of Calamianes, Palawan. The leading members of the libertarian movement were arrested, tried in court, and condemned. Some of them were executed and the others were exiled in Mexico and other islands in the Philippines.

Revolt of Magalat

The Magalat Revolt was an uprising in 1596, led by Magalat, a rebel from Cagayan. He had been arrested in Manila for inciting rebellion against the Spanish. He was later released after some urging by some Dominican priests, and returned to Cagayan. Together with his brother, he urged the entire country to revolt. He was said to have committed atrocities against his fellow natives for refusing to rise up against the Spaniards and he soon controlled the countryside.
The Spanish Governor-General Francisco de Tello de Guzmán sent Pedro de Chaves from Manila with Spanish and Filipino colonial troops. They fought successfully against the rebels, and captured and executed several leaders under Magalat. Magalat himself was assassinated within his fortified headquarters by his own men

Religious Revolt of the Igorots

The Igorots of Northern Luzon revolted in defense of their pagan gods. A Spanish expedition under the command of Captain Mateo de Aranda was sent to suppress them. An Augustinian missionary, Father Esteban Marin, the chaplain of the expedition, boldly entered the rebel camp and tried to persuade the Igorots to submit peacefully to Christianity and Spanish rule. The angry rebels, denying his words of peace, killed him. Captain Aranda then attacked and crushed them in a bloody fight.

Tamblot’s Religious Revolt

Toward the end of 1621, a religious revolt led by a native babaylan (priest) named Tamblot. The Jesuits first came to Bohol in 1596 and eventually governed the island and converted the Boholanos to the Catholic faith. This pagan priest incited the Boholanos to return to the faith of their ancestors, assuring them of the aid of their gods against the Spaniards. Rallying to his cause, they rose in arms, burned the churches, and attacked the garrison. Upon hearing of the uprising, Alcalde-Mayor Juan de Alcarazo of Cebu pushed a strong Filipino-Spanish force to Bohol. On the New Year’s Day of 1622, the government troops suppressed the revolt.

Bancao’s Religious Revolt

While Tamblot’s revolt was raging in Bohol, another religious uprising flared in the neighboring islands of Limasawa. The leader was Bancao, the aged chief who had welcomed Legazpi in 1565. For his hospitality, he had received a letter of gratitude from King Philip II. But times had changed. Bancao, in his old age, discarded Christianity and returned to the pagan ways of his fathers....

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