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The Human Spark; Becoming Us
The documentary, The Human Spark; Becoming Us, shows many possible theories to why humans achieved the spark and Neanderthals died off. Focusing on only a few of the main points; why humans received the spark and Neanderthals did not. The discovery of tools, symbolic jewelry and art, are at the forefront of changing our understanding of what the human spark was. Helping scientists to understand why modern humans had the spark and Neanderthals did not. Neanderthals and human tools were very similar except that human tools show the ability of a mind that can adapt. They can explain many reasons behind the spark, all of which show evidence of how the spark might ...view middle of the document...

At the Abri Castanet site, the human Spark is very evident thanks to a cave-in that happened around thirty thousand years ago. The cave-in buried garbage of everyday life that is allowing archaeologists to discover mind blowing cultural artifacts. Tools are one of the main reasons for which the spark occurred. These specialized tools made from rock and bone allowed for carvings on cave walls and shows a huge cultural difference not seen in the Neanderthals. To have time to make jewelry and other cultural art gives evidence to a cultural revolution. The spark allowed humans to adopt their technology to make tools to fit specific situations. An example is the use of sewing equipment to attach beads and other adornments to their clothing. The making of beads and statues for possible use in trade is another example of a cultural change taking place, or the spark. Technology and social change go hand in hand and without each other, there would be no spark. The throwing spear was a major advancement surpassing the hand ax and toolkits by far. They had to incorporate a possible language of some type and cooperation between individuals to be able to topple down a mammoth, pilling up the evidence of becoming more like us, the modern humans.
In East Africa, discoveries recently made are pushing the tool dates back even...

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