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Early Childhood Education Essay

1974 words - 8 pages

Deborah Hawkins
Early Child Development
Chapters 6-11
Sharon Garrett

Models-These are the models that are used for Early Childhood Development
1. Head Start: Empowering for Change from Within
2. The High Scope Foundations: Planning, Implementing, and Reviewing Best Practices
3. The Project Approach: Active Inquiry in Early Childhood
4. The Schools of Reggio Emilia: A Child’s World
5. Montessori Education: Environment, Materials, and Methods
6. Waldorf education: Harmony and the Whole Child
Head Start- In 1964 under President Lyndon Johnson Sargent Shriver assembled a committee and put together a group of sociologists, psychologists, and pediatricians to design ...view middle of the document... In 1977 under President Jimmy Carter’s administration the Head Start Program changed again; this time it started a bilingual/bicultural program in about 21 states ( In October 1984 - seven years later according to (Styfco and Zigler) under President Regan administration’s the Head Start grant budget had exceeded one billion dollars; also the number of children assisted was a little more than nine million (2003).
With each president the Head Start Program always had some type of change. In September of 1995 President Clinton administration provided grant money to the first Early Head Start. By October of 1998 Head Start was such a success the program was authorized to expand to full-day services (
The High/Scope Foundation-Is a research foundation that promotes development and intervention programs with a curriculum that helps instill in children a deliberate, active approach to learning. High/Scope is more than a curriculum model; the High/Scope Education Research Foundation also publishes and provides assessment tools; it also conducts research on the effects of early childhood programs on children’s later life success. High/Scope was established in 1970 as an independent nonprofit organization. The Foundation promotes the development of children and youth worldwide. The founder was David Weikart and his colleagues developed the model and initiated the study as a local district project, in the early 1960s. David Weikart’s early childhood work began in 1962 in Ypsilanti Public Schools where he was the special education director; Weikart started the High/Scope program to get ahead of the rampant student failure rate and grade retention. Ypsilanti had poor and minority students that moved from a part of the country where they were not beginning their education until after the first grade. Weikart believed that if these students had started a year or two earlier it would have been better for them. There were few early childhood education programs in the nation at that time, one of which was in Ypsilanti Public Schools.
The teaching staff at Ypsilanti, found themselves in the first years of their experimental program teaching staff and were so successful that they began working, throughout the nation as teacher trainers. The numbers and budget grew until they could not fit the confines of a small school. Weikart and his colleagues saw a great need in their work with early childhood students, so they established a nonprofit High/Scope Educational Research Foundation in 1970 to house their proliferating work in early childhood education.
A majority of states today offers preschool programs, mostly aimed at averting academic and social problems for at risk children. They also provide access to all children whose parents want it. These two programs today inspire confidence and hope in the students , and hope can make a difference in the lives of children of the Head Start...

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