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Early Childhood Diagram Description Essay

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Early Childhood Diagram Description

On the following chart, describe and provide a rationale for the placement of the components in your early childhood learning environment diagram. Consider the following in your responses:
1. Why did you place the element at this location in the diagram of your learning environment?
2. How will this placement contribute to the physical, motor, cognitive, and affective development of your students?
Age or grade level: _____________________________________________________________ nale for the placement of

|Element |Rationale for placement ...view middle of the document...

| |Blocks section: Provide materials are paper models of each block shape on storage shelves. This |
| |would provide children learning about physical laws and reality and have experiences in cooperative |
| |learning and living. |
| |Discovery/Science: Provide with materials as categorize as “touch me “materials. And “fix-it shop” |
| |this provides children a firsthand experience with different textures and forms. |
| |Dramatic play: This area is to be stock with materials for role playing, puppet making and acting |
| |out adult activities. This helps them develop with activities and real situation that would |
| |provide the children with the ability to act out. |
| |Library: Many books are carefully select that can provide the child with both physical and social |
| |words. And after analyzing the level of understanding of the group, provide them with books that can|
| |be both to stimulated theses understanding. |
| |Manipulative (tables toys): The manipulative area is an ideal place for materials that encourage |
| |cognitive development; these areas can be highlighting this area with both favorites (legos or |
| |crystal climbers). Counting cubes aid in classification and serration, while puzzles or nesting ...

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