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E132 Peoples And Society Essay

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Part 1
How does society shape people’s lives?

It is undeniable that people’s lives are influenced to some extent by society in various ways throughout their existence. In order to prove this claim this essay will draw upon the disciplines of health and childhood studies. Both disciplines will tackle the problem of obesity. From a childhood studies perspective the rise of obesity in children will be evident. It will indicate parent’s views regarding this problem as well as other issues like how eating habits and beauty are defined by changes in society. From the health point of view it will demonstrate how intervention from government, food manufacturers and supermarkets can affect ...view middle of the document...

With all the variety and different options available now people seem to forget to go for the healthier choice. This is definitely affecting society as there are more and more obese people, especially children (Block 4, 2014).
There have been many concerns regarding children’s health in recent years. According to the World Health Organization and the British Heart Foundation the number of obese and overweight children is rising and the cause for this would be: an unhealthy diet rich in energy dense foods and long periods of time spent in front of the TV or playing computer games- the latter resulting in a lack of physical exercise. Consequently children could develop type 2 diabetes, usually seen on adults (Block 4, 2014). Nonetheless the biggest problem is that parents often fail to recognise that their child is overweight. However, this has been recognised officially by the NCMP - a programme established by the government in 2005 to create an awareness of this growing problem in children (Block 4, 2014). Interestingly, while this study was being carried out in schools, some parents refused to let their children participate. This could be seen to demonstrate a reluctance in accepting responsibility for their children’s healthy eating. Evidence shows that there is a higher number of overweight children in primary school than in higher years, perhaps because they still have no choice of what they eat. However, despite whichever changes occur in society maybe parents should start making alterations to the family eating habits which could possibly have a reflection on children’s future health.
As previously mentioned, obesity is a growing health problem in today’s society –However the question is, can it be stopped? How can it be done? Who has the duty to try to stop it from affecting more and more people?
These are some of the questions one could ask when joining an ongoing debate in the UK regarding this subject. Some would argue that the government is the main body responsible for intervening. For instance health organizations like the British Medical association strongly believe that implementation of stronger government regulations is the key to solving this problem (The Open University, Block 4, 2013). However there are those who disagree, backing their claim with the idea that doing this removes people’s freedom of choice. Still, is an obese society what’s the best solution? Perhaps that is what will happen if the matter is left alone.
As the main ruling body of our society the government has a responsibility for promoting health. For that same reason policies have already been put into place by the Department of Health to challenge this issue (The Open University, Block 4, 2013). However, these policies require the cooperation of the public, charitable and industry sectors.
By working closely with the food industry the government hopes to directly influence people’s diets by providing mainly healthy choices. Together with applying...

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