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E Sonic Case Study

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MGMT 4030
March 2, 2011
E-sonic – Part 2

Benchmark jobs:

Job | Benchmark Job |
Marketing Director | Marketing 4 |
Creative Director | Marketing 3 |
Director of Market Research | Marketing 4 |
Copy Writer | Marketing 2 |
Market Research Analyst | Marketing 1 |

COLA Calculation:
* Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County, CA – CPI All Urban Consumers, All Items (Jan. 2010 – Jan. 2011)

228.652 – 224.610 | X 100% = 1.8% |
224.610 | |

Explanation of COLA:
Since E-sonic is located in Los Angeles, California, and is looking to recruit the most music savvy and most experienced software development personnel to live and work there, the Consumer Price Index for ...view middle of the document...

The first grade will range from 0 to 375 evaluation points. The second will be from 376 to 800, and the third will be from 801to 1,250 points.

Range Spreads:
In my pay structure for the marketing job family, the first pay grade doesn’t contain any jobs. This pay grade, 0-375, will concern interns and other employees who will most likely move up to the higher-level jobs as they gain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform them. Since these intern level jobs are very narrowly defined, the range spread for the pay grade that they fall under will be small. The range spread for 0-375 evaluation points will be 20%. Two jobs, the Market Research Analyst and the Copy Writer, fall within the next pay grade, 376-800 evaluation points. Since there is more responsibility and skills required for these two jobs the range spread will be larger. For this pay range I am assigning a 35% range spread. Finally, for the Director of Marketing Research, the Creative Director, and the Marketing Director, all of which fall within the pay grade containing 801-1250 evaluation points, the range spread will be 45%. The reason for this is that these jobs are high-level professional and middle management jobs. The employees who work in these positions work closely with the company executives when making key marketing decisions for E-sonic. There is a greater skill level required for these jobs. The reason I didn’t make this range spread 50% is because I feel that the C-suite jobs would fall within a 50% range spread; the highest marketing jobs fall just below 50%.

Unionization Status:
The percentage of people working in Unions has been declining since the 1950s for a couple of reasons; one being that unionized companies showed consistently lower profits than nonunion...

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