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Based on our reading material, what are the two most interesting benefits that you learned about e-Recruiting?
E-Recruiting systems have several advantages to them, that employers and job hunters feel help them in their search for candidates or jobs respectively. The traditional methods of recruiting have been newspaper/magazine advertisements, private or public employment agencies, referrals from employees, partners or friends, schools and colleges. Job hunters have used these as well as networking, solicitation and yellow pages. E-recruiting offers some advantages that these methods do not offer at all or do so inadequately.
Large applicant database: Employers literally have millions of ...view middle of the document...

When combined with the fact that the candidate database is huge, millions of records are filtered out in a matter of seconds leading to huge productivity benefits.
For the candidates, especially those who are presently unemployed, this feature allows them to focus their time on high potential job opportunities. For the recruiter, this would be high-potential candidates. Since the follow up of job applications is also automated, all the candidate has to do is just login to see the status of their job search.
We also lose the human interaction which is very important in placing employee in the right job.

What are the potential unintended or dysfunctional consequences of e-recruiting?
As far as consequences are concerned, the most important point to keep in mind is that all the do’s and don'ts that apply to the hiring process in general, which are designed to avoid discrimination and other claims, apply also to e-recruiting.
For example, when you place an ad, unless there is a business necessity, you must be careful to avoid language that would discourage minority group members, disabled individuals, or older individuals from applying. Otherwise, you are opening yourself up to a discrimination claim based on the theory that your hiring practice disproportionately affects individuals in those groups....

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