E Payments Proceeds And Improvements Essay

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E-Payments: Proceeds and Improvements

Project Submitted in partial fulfilment of

Submitted by:
Devashree Nadkarni
Batch 2014-2016

Under the guidance of
Mrs. Dipika Malpekar

Institute of Management
Christ University, Bangalore
March 2015


I, Devashree Nadkarni solemnly declare that the project work entitled
“E-payments: Proceeds and Improvements”, is my original work, it is neither copied from any earlier submitted work elsewhere or not merely copied, this is specifically prepared as a part of MBA curriculum, to be conducted in Year 2015.

Signature of the student: ________________________
Name of the Student: Devashree Nadkarni
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I would also like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to Dr. V. Prabhu Dev - Faculty Guide, Institute of Management, Christ University, assigned for assisting me in settling all the issues related to this project. He has been of utmost help in all matters and has been extremely cooperative and understanding to sort out all my problems.
Last but not the least I owe my sincere regards to the employees of HPCL for their co-operation and support.

Certificate of Completion

Devashree Nadkarni
has successfully completed the summer project at

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Disbursement - Direct Sales SBU at Hindustan Bhavan - 4

for a period of 6 weeks from 2nd April, 2015 to 20th May,2015.

She has conducted a study entitled
E - Payments: Proceeds and Improvements

Mrs. Dipika Malpekar
Sr. Manager (Finance)

Date: 20th May,2015
Place: Mumbai


This is to certify that the project titled “ E-Payments: Proceeds and Improvements ” has been successfully and satisfactorily completed and submitted by “Devashree Nadkarni” bearing a register number, 1420740 as a student of Institute of Management, Christ University in fulfilment of the requirement for MBA program for the year 2014-2016.

Internal Mentor Director

Dr. V. PRABHU DEV Fr. Thomas T. V.


The information provided in this project is collected from two sources - Primary and Secondary sources. Primary data was collected through observation method by visiting the Terminals and the inputs from HPCL officials The secondary data includes information about e-payments.
The information collected has been diluted and presented in simple manner.

Signature of Trainee

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited is country's once of the largest company in the field of oil Industry which has the leading shares in the market. Improvement of the company's infrastructure to increase the profit of the company various number of projects have been undertaken.
The report below mainly deals with the in depth study of E-payments which are carried out at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. These payments are done towards two parties namely payments to the employees and payments to the vendors. There has also been a detailed study where different processes such as transfer of cash, different types of vouchers along with the process of accounts payments are also mentioned.
The report has also focused on the concept of matching procedures which are followed while maintaining and opening the ledger accounts along with the analysis and reconciliation of the payments at various different levels in the organization. The process of foreign payments is also thoroughly analysed.


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