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BrandingThe market is full of products that claim to be the best value for the money and each touting it own brand values. Sometimes it is not just the product; it is the name that is associated with the product that makes it stand out. It wasn't until Tiger Woods famous shot at the Masters Golf tournament in Augusta Georgia that Nike became a household name in the golfing world. Viewers young and old watched Tigers golf ball, with the now famous swoosh, have just enough momentum to find the hole and set him up to win the tournament (Brand Identity Guru, n.d.).Lucky Dog, Muttropolis, and PETCO all have loyal shoppers that frequent the brick and mortar as well as the click and brick stores. ...view middle of the document...

The products that they carry are at the high end of the product line. Since they carry mainly high end designer type product, there prices are much higher then the items sold at PETCO. An important consideration for Lucky Dog and Muttropolis is quality; the items they sell are all natural with no preservatives added. During the recent pet food recall, Lucky Dogs business was unaffected because it did not sell any of the pet food items listed in the recall. In fact, Lucky Dog increased its market share because pet owners knew that the food items carried was from domestic producers and not from overseas producers.Place (Distribution)"Distribution is about getting the products to the customer" (NetMBA, 2007). PETCO, Muttropolis, and Lucky Dog all use similar distribution channels. In the case of PETCO and Muttropolis, they have a central distribution system and can ship directly from the centers to the customers. Lucky Dog, Muttropolis and PETCO can also have shipments sent directly from the intermediary/wholesalers' to the customer.Promotion"In the context of the marketing mix, promotion represents the various aspects...

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