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A Passage to India has been unanimously hailed by all the critics as the best novel of E.M Forster. Forster, here, advocates relationships between nations, as well as between individuals, based on equality. G. Lowes Dickenson descirbes it as "a classic of the strange and tragic fact of history of life__ called India." Its a monumental work and a modern classic. This book after its publication in 1924, brought Forster into the limelight.
Characterization of the novel is worth mentioning. L. D. Cecil says "Mr. Forster has an acute insight into certain aspects of a character. He is a subtle observer of the actual movement of the human mind". He has done ...view middle of the document...

He has neither been presented biasedly nor in any particular light of favourism, to gain sympathy or favour on the reader's part. This impartial attempt has made the delineation perfect. In Aziz we find pride, vanity, a desire to please and even lack of confidence and sincere enthusiasm. Because of his good education and respected professional situation, Aziz believes that he can be accepted by the British as almost their equal. Despite a melancholy streak, Aziz possesses a sense of humor, and hospitality is important to him. He is eager to please and impress people whom he considers kind and thoughtful. However, his very goodwill and his somewhat impulsive nature get him into situations that cause him trouble. He “overrated hospitality, mistaking it for intimacy, and not seeing that it is tainted with the sense of possession.” Dr. Aziz, therefore is a man of flesh and blood, who acts according to his impulses and therefore, does not happen to be a perfect human being. And this is exactly where the beauty of the character lies. He has been depicted as a real human being,having flaws and good qualities.He is an Indian Muslim,narrow minded one ; inconsistency and hastiness are the features of his life.He has suffered alot ,humiliated time and again by the British.The main incident revolves around him.He arranged picnic to Marabar Caves,the start of chaos and communal problem.
Mrs.Moore has been admirably portrayed because she presents the ideas of the author about Hinduism.She was a woman of unique qualities.She was a myterious and complex character. She has a vast fund of sympathy for Indians.Some critics called her Forster's failure,even if she is a failure,it is a superb failure.As she had attracted every critic's attention.The critics are divided,some criticize her while some admire her as a real human being.
Adela Quested,the other character,is usedin the novel to raise some questions.
She is a complex character and portrayed beautifully.She become the center of all eyes,firstly because of her...

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