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Sell That “Ish” Sistha: E-commerce challenges
Leslie E. Smith
MKT 554
November 18, 2013
Doris Blanton

Sell That “Ish” Sistha: E-commerce challenges
Sell That “Ish” Sistha (STIS) is a small, internet based company that specializes in customized merchandise. From customized T-shirts to canteens, STIS encompasses all four infrastructures of ecommerce. With this business being operated primarily through the internet, there are many regulations STIS has to abide by to be successful. In this report, there will be a discussion of the four infrastructures: B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B. In addition, the role of internet regulations such as copyright infringement will be discussed.
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The purpose of e-commerce is to allow business to happen certain parts of the world without the need to physically be at the location. The internet has become a valued tool to business due the decrease in communication cost and time spent marking. However, there are certain regulations each business must abide by to be successful. The regulations mainly apply to online businesses that “perform consumer transactions by collecting customer data,” (Industry Law and Regulations). The main concern with conducting online transactions is to protect the consumer’s personal information such as social security numbers, addresses, and credit card numbers. Therefore, protecting this information will help businesses avoid legal actions taken by the consumer. 95% of Sell That “Ish” Sistha business is conducted online. The website takes payments through PayPal to ensure secure transactions between the consumer and STIS.
In addition, copyright laws are a large concern of STIS. Because the company can accept any image and duplicate it for a consumer, STIS must be sure that they have permission from the creator of the image. According to Virginia Montecino and the Copyright Website, “The internet has been characterizedas the largest threat to copyright since its inception. The Internet is awash in information, a lot of it with...

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