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E Commerce Article Essay

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Introduction of Industry and Company Standing

The company that I am working now is a brick and mortar company, which named Jefferson. The company has no E-commerce transaction. After doing some research on how to establish an E-commerce website for the company, we had come out with the whole idea on how to achieve it.
Jefferson is a clothing company which origin from Malaysia. The main business we are doing all the time was producing cloth with affordable price yet fashionable for male. Going back to the history of the brands, in 1987, the company started their businesses in Komtar, Penang. Through years, the company had sails through successfully with the company’s strong venture in ...view middle of the document...

Some part of the product such as buttons and fabrics are made out of coconut pulps and sea shell. This is to ensure that we do conscious about the environment issue around us and we hope to do our very best to conserve the environment. With all the recyclable material, it will definitely make the environment more green.
Our product is selling hot in many states throughout Malaysia and we had also expense our businesses to Indonesia. There are 2 outlets in Penang which located in Queensbay Mall and Aeon Seberang Jaya. Our store is specially design in order to gain attention from the customers and leave them a good impression.
As for our store, we hired all the experienced worker which has an idea on how to dress well. They may give the customer ideas on how to dress and they may end up satisfy from it and purchase cloth from us because our cloth is always up to date. We also make sure that our workers are able to speak well in English and Chinese in order to communicate well with the customers.
Jefferson is the company which always put customer’s satisfaction as the main criteria. The principal which live on Jefferson is to produce high quality product yet reasonable price in order to compete with others competitors.

Literature Review on E-commerce website
Ralph Lauren clothing company
The company that we chose to talk about is Ralph Lauren which is an upscale American lifestyle company and fashion retailer founded by American designer Ralph Lauren. Since 1939, this company started producing garments not only for men but for women as well.
The moment when you visit the Ralph Lauren homepage, you can easily access to what your heart desire. Why do I say so? As the Ralph Lauren website was design for the sake of the convenience of the customers who visit their homepage. At the top of the homepage you can search for garments for men, women or baby. This categorisation makes it easier for customer to select their product as they don’t have to look through all the other garments that they don’t want to. For example I`m a guy and obviously I`m looking for guys garment so I just click the guys garments section. At the second top of the homepage, you can choose what type of style that you`re looking for. While on the left hand side of the homepage is where you can search for accessories and shoes. Not only that, on the top right of the homepage there is a column for you to search what you want. It is really simple, all you have to do is type what you`re looking for and all the information that you`re looking for will appear. And as well scroll through their clothes, the price are all stated below the clothes that they display and this won`t confuse the customer.
Well the advantages of E-commerce company is that it is easier to reach to the customer despite of the geographical location of the customers. Customers also don’t have to waste their time going to the malls to look for their clothes, all they have to do is to visit the website and...

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