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E Business Considerations Essay

3343 words - 14 pages

Important Consideration for building a new e business

Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary: 3
2.0 Important consideration to build a new E-business: 3
2.1 Business Plan of the E business: 4
2.2 Basic Infrastructure: 5
2.2.1 Client/Server Technology: 5
(A) Two Tier Client/Server Architecture: 6
(B) Three Tier Client/Server Architecture: 6
2.2.2 Web technologies and applications: 7
2.2.3 Collaborative Technologies: 7
(A) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): 8
(B) Workflow System: 9
3.0 E-Business Networks 10
4.0 Supply Chain Management: 11
5.0 E-Business Model: 11
6.0 Reliability and Quality of Service: 12
6.1 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): 12
6.2 ...view middle of the document...

Electronic network, supply chain management system and the e business models are the considerations which make a foundation for the e business. As the nature of e-business requires sending information between your business and customers, it is essential that ample protection is provided, as your business and customers may be exposed to risks such as theft, fraud, hackers, viruses, and denial of service, to name a few. By protecting and securing online activities, the risk of such threats adversely affecting your e-business is considerably reduced.
2.0 Important consideration to build a new E-business:
An E business is not only the selling and buying of any product but it exchanges many kinds of information and for making this system there are various consideration which are necessary to make an e business successful. These are the business plan of the e business, technological infrastructure of that e business, workflow system, network organization, business model, security and reliability and customer relationship management of the e business.
2.1 Business Plan of the E business:
Business plans, and business planning, are an essential part of doing business. An e-Business plan is much the same as any business plan where the business concept, its financials, aspirations, markets and goals are summarized. A business plan is a written document that identifies a company's goals and outlines how the company intends to achieve the goals. Just as important as the plan itself, the process of writing a business plan forces a businessperson to think ahead, to set achievable goals, to anticipate problems, and to be prepared for competition. The process, not the plan itself, increases the likelihood that the business will be a success. It contains much information which is necessary before starting any e business [2]. A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of your business is an effective way to look at the benefits and challenges that come with going online. Some ways it can help are by identifying:
* What new information, products, or services you can offer by building a website or using Internet technologies
* How your daily operations can be improved with Internet technologies
* Industry: How large is your industry in dollar and unit terms? Is your industry growing or contracting? What are the usual distribution systems in your industry? Are there any technology trends that will affect your industry?
* Market: Who is your target market online and offline? Are they different? How? Where are they located?
* Competition: Who are your leading competitors? How are they different? How are they using the online channel to their advantage?
* Website development: How will you develop a new website? What resources are needed to develop the website?
* Infrastructure: What infrastructure is needed to develop the e business?
* Strategies: What will be the strategies to start an e business which will...

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