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E Business Essay

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An advantage of using an open environment is increased speed, having a virtual storefront is less expensive than operating a real one. It is also cheaper than what you would have to pay for utilities and everything with having a store. An insecure e-commerce gateway page will usually speed up the transaction process but won’t necessarily translate into the sales.
With an insecure e-commerce page reduces the fees that you would have to pay because it does not involve a third party to handle the transactions. There is no encrypting involved so you do not have to pay a programmer to do that. The problem with that is though when people wish to buy products from you they would print the page ...view middle of the document...

So having a company that can provide services to make the site secure and safe for consumers to buy things off the internet becomes very concerning. Companies like PayPal is one of the highest companies that are known for helping make the shopping experience online better for people.
There are four different benefits to an overly secure environment; it enhances personal discipline, a company usually has goals and objectives in an overly secure environment. When a person breaks those rules the group can banish the person. It provides support also; you will be able to find a helping hand whenever you need it.
The stress of shopping online is reduced because the overly secure environment takes the stress away from having to worry about your information getting stolen. The last one is it reduces conflict; it is because the groups have its own rules for the members to follow. They are slow with regards to implementing new changes.
From what I have seen so far is that there are a lot of reasons to have a secure environment for consumers to shop online. It makes people feel safe and secure knowing that their information will not get stolen or misused. Making sure that people are confident about shopping online helps the company out because they are more likely to come back and buy more.
The consumer can also get sick of dealing with all the firewalls and everything else that you have to deal with. Some people may also get like the factor that they have the secure site to buy more things and not have to go out to the store as much. I know that I...

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