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E Book And Real Book Essay

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Books are the long-lasting tools to disseminate widely knowledge. Both e-book and real book possess same essential function which is to let reader obtain knowledge. However, despite same function of both, there are few differences. In terms of portability, health and environmental issue, I will contrast those of dissimilarities. Even though it is quite distinct from e-book and paper book, I think that it is equally important on spreading knowledge for everyone.

The portability contrasts sharply in e-book versus real book. Indeed, e-book doesn't physically exist in reality, but we can hold and feel a printed book and its weight actually. When you were a pupil, you had to bring dozens of textbooks to school. Can you remember how heavy it was? The answer must be weighty. What if you were using e-reader to ...view middle of the document...

It is so obvious that e-books’ portability is much better than actual books.

The major reason why people do not choose e-book is that using e-reader for a long period of time might cause eye problems. With the universality of electronic device like smartphone and tablet, everyone is easy to download e-book to read. If you enter a café such as Starbucks, you will notice the number of ‘phubbers’ is using their cellphone or tablet. Some of them may be that they are reading e-book in the café for a couple of hours. It is harmful to their eyes to stare on a digital screen for much time. Because eyes are lack of rest, it may cause eye strain. On the other hand, to read on the traditional book is less harmful than reading e-book. As we all know, real book is combined by real paper page by page, so it doesn’t have harsh backlight on the paper to harm directly to our eyes. Accordingly, to read on paper book is fewer to cause eye fatigue.

The fact that publishers manufacture printed books is directly destroying tropical forest. Inevitably, papermaking has to cut down trees to get woods. Those of manufacturing processes are devastating the environment. In contrast, e-book is certainly greener than paper book. No matter what books you want to read, just access to online book store and you can download it through your e-reader immediately. In process of purchasing e-book, it doesn’t generate any carbon footprint. Obviously, with the thought of environmental issue, using e-book is better than reading on actual book.

In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages with e-book versus real book. Nevertheless, electronic is much convenient because you can bring a lot of books to anywhere, but holding and reading a papery book you can feel and smell every single page. It is irreplaceable experience, especially, if you read a pop-up book. Therefore, both of these are crucially important.

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