Dystopian Fiction Compare And Contrasting Essay

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Compare and Contrast

“Do not go gentle into that good night”. This is a quote from a poem in a book called “Matched”. A dystopian fiction where the government makes all your decisions for you. I’ve also read a book called “The Giver” which has pretty much has the same story element. In this essay I’ll compare and contrasting “Match” to ”The Giver”.

The similarities of “Matched” and “Giver” are numerous. The first is that they are both dystopian novels. The common story elements they share are they are expected to conform, illusion of a perfect world, and harsh control. They also have the same theme which is the importance of free will and individuality books also have the similar concept about memory. As a result the government in both books control memories.

“The Giver” as about a boy named Jonas living in a community where everyone is the same. ...view middle of the document...

There is no pain. The society is controlled harshly. Like they control marriage, jobs and even death and memories.

The theme is the extreme importance of free will and individuality. In the “Giver” Jonas makes the choice to stop taking his pill. He also choose to feel the emotions that the pill was blocking. He made the decision to take the chance of running away to try to free the people. He even made the choice to take Gabe, too.

Cassia is dreaming about flying with silk wings to awaken at her stop to her matched banquet. She is matched to best friend, but when she puts her microcard in she sees a second face, a boy named Ky. As she goes to free-rec place an official explains things. Then she tells her grandfather because he was going to die the day after that. While on his death bed he gave cassia a secret poem that should not have existed then he died. She joined a hiking group and so did Ky and they fell in love with each other. Ky was later taken to be a solider because cassia's sort. Then she with her family moved and they had her sent to a discipline camp to look for Ky.

The citizens in “Matched” are expected to conform. Like all citizens have to carry tablets. There is a illusion of a perfect world. They make people think there is peace. The government harshly controls every aspect of your life. They control your job, when you die, who you marry, and even what you remember.

The theme of the book “Matched” is the extreme importance of free will and individuality. In the book, cassia decides to take an interest in Ky by hanging out with him more. She choose to keep the poem and read it. She choose to learn how to write. She choose to let Ky kiss her and fall in love.

In conclusion, all dystopian novels have many similarities but still have their differences. As my 2nd paragraph said dystopian novels are very similar in theme and story elements. The “Giver” is about Jonas and how his life abruptly changes. “Matched” is about how cassia falls in love in a world that won't let it to be. The “Giver” and “Matched” theme is the importance of free will and individuality.

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