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Dutch Bangla Bank Atm Service Quality Research

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Md. Asif, Sultanul Arefeen | 11-18454-1 |
Hossain Md. Sharif | 11-18151-1 |
Khan, Imtiaj Yafi | 10-16166-1 |
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Dr. Nisar Ahmed
Associate Professor
& Director (MBA)
American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)
Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh

13th December, 2013
Dr. Nisar Ahmed
Course Instructor
Department of Research & Methodology,
American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)
Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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And we would like to acknowledge them here. First, we would like to thank Dr. Nisar Ahmed, our thesis adviser for the assistance and encouragement to pursue to this study. We also wish to thank our classmates and friends, Badhon, Sharif, Tanvir, Babu and Yafi believing that we can finished this thesis proposal before due date of submission. To Old an family, for the support in financial aspect as well for the advice and assistance. To our family, for the generous support and for inspiration. Thank you also for the unconditional love and fidelity. Last but not the least, we thank Almighty God for reasons too numerous to mention. “How numerous you have made your wondrous deeds o Lord, our God! And in your plans for us there is none to equal you, should I wish to declare or tell them? They would be too many to recount.

Executive Summary

Automated Teller Machine technology is becoming more common than it ever was. ATMs appear to be mainly provided by banks. Yet, their widespread adoption by customers of banks is not clear, as it appears that peoples’ perception of the technology is diverse, which in turn affects their decision to actually use ATMs or not. ATMs are set up to provide 24 hour services to bank customers, who cannot expect to be able to transact with banks in the same period of time.
We are selected DBBL ATM to perform our survey program because Dutch-Bangla Bank is the first bank in Bangladesh to be fully automated and introduce ATM service. DBBL also has the largest ATM network in Bangladesh. This gives DBBL clients full access to ‘anytime anywhere’ banking nationwide. All international and many local banks use the DBBL ATM network for their own clients. DBBL has installed over 1000 ATMs nationwide. As with most things, ATM access to all DBBL ATMs is unlimited and free for all DBBL clients. If a client of a member bank (not DBBL) uses a DBBL ATM, the member bank may add a transaction charge.
The purpose of this research is to highlight the problem, opportunity and opinion of using ATM service. The main aim of this research is to highlight the issues that make people have phobia for this innovation and to show the advantages that abound in the use of this technology.
The exercise sought to provide insights into;
I. The awareness of ATM
II. Reasons for using ATM
III. Level of usage
IV. Problems associated with usage
V. Service demand for ATMs in terms of functions and features
The study is centered on the challenges and the issues that make people to be wary of the use of ATM. It covers the problem of usage of DBBL ATM Service and also discover the opportunity to develop the service.

Table of Contents
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Profile of the Organization- Mission- Vision- Core Objectives- ATM Network | 6 & 7 |
Introduction to the Report/Study -Rationale of the Study - Statement of the Problems- Objectives of the Report/Study- Scope of the Study...

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