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Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf Summary Essay

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Dusk over Atlantic Wharf

1. Summary of Dusk over Atlantic Wharf:
Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf, is a short story about a young Indian couple named Anuj and Lata, who lives in Cardiff in Wales. Anuj has been living in Cardiff for Six years, and his wife, Lata, have just arrived to Cardiff for few months ago. The beginning of the story takes place in their apartment, where we meet the two main characters Anuj and Lata. Anuj are laying on ...view middle of the document...

He decides that they should go out, and see a film. The film is filmed in Lata´s home town. She gets so exited when she sees the streets of her childhood, that she forget to see what actually was happening in the film. She starts to comment about the places and stores in the film, which annoys Anuj. When they walk over the road to their car, after the film is over, Lata gets sad and begin to cry because the film reminds her about how much she miss India and all her good memories with her family and friends.

2. Lata and her relationship to Anuj:
The relationship between Anuj and Lata is complicated, because they don´t have known each
other for more than a few months. It´s an arranged marriage, which is quiet normal in the Indian culture. They don’t know each other well, but they both hopes, that someday they will fall in
love with each other. Lata is missing her home town in India, because her friends and family is back in India. I get the impression that her purpose is to get to know him better, but he is introvert and keeps her away from himself. I also think that Lata wants some one she can have a chat with, or someone who can introduce her to the British lifestyle and Anuj is not that person.

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