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Dusk Over Atlantic Wharf Essay

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Dusk over Atlantic Wharf

Lata is a young woman, who had just moved to Wales with her new husband. She is young, probably in her early twenties, which is the age of when Indian women marry when so is arranged. Lata is a young and cheerful woman, who is missing her own culture. She has only been living in Cardiff for 2 months and she is already tired of where she is living. The weather doesn’t suit her while she is used to living under bright clouds and the burning sun. She misses her friends and family while she is trying to convince herself that her father was right for choosing where she lived and with whom she is living with. Although she comes from a rather ...view middle of the document...

That is a very common cause for depression.

Lata’s reaction to the movie
When Anuj and Lata went to see a movie, they didn’t know which movie they were going to watch. It happened by coincidence to be a Bollywood movie shot in her hometown. Watching that movie brought back so many memories and she commented almost every shot in the movie. She remembered everything from ice-cream-shops to where she went to school. In a way she felt like she was home. She started feeling happy again. But as they walked out of the theatre, out into the cold wind she came back to reality. She was not in sunny Mumbai anymore. She was back in Cardiff, the city with the cold weather, gray clouds and the freezing wind. She realized that she was almost so far from home as she could be and that was the thing that knocked her out. Lata did not like anything about Wales. She did not like the culture, she did not like the weather and she did not like the fact that she had no control over her life. She just tried to convince herself that her father was right and that one can learn to love another.
Lata was unemployed and therefore had nothing else to do than cook, clean and stay at home while her husband Anuj was out working. It would have been good for her to socialize more, like she did in India where she went to college. That may also have been a reason for her depression.

Anuj, the husband is an Indian man who has lived in Wales for 6 years. He is well integrated and he does not miss India at all. He is very integrated, almost assimilated and almost only use Indian phrases and only a little. He seems intelligent while he does not waste his time with watching television, but likes to play mind challenging games like crosswords.
Anuj doesn’t seem to like, nor miss India. The only reason why he and Lata watched a Bollywood movie was that it was the only movie that wasn’t sold out. Anuj also seem to have been taught by his parents that you can learn to love another...

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