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Dunno Essay

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Start Your Cover Letter With a Bang
© Written By Jimmy Sweeney President of CareerJimmy and Author of the new, Amazing Cover Letter Creator
If you're still reading, then I've caught your attention with the title. You can do the same with your job-search cover letters. Whether you call it a title or a headline, this little 'weapon' will hit the mark, pulling your reader right through your written communication from the first word to the last.
Here's how to strike gold each time.
Open your cover letter with a 'big bang'––a powerful headline––and yours may be the only one that makes it past the 'scan and trash' syndrome. Hiring managers are inundated with cover letters each day. If you want ...view middle of the document...

You may be thinking it's difficult or that you're not clever enough to come up with a great headline. Not true. It's actually quite simple. I've provided some great examples to get you started.
Right before you write your greeting––Dear Mrs. Smith––place your 'killer' headline––two-line maximum. Make it stand out even more by using boldface and centering it on the page.
Following are THREE examples of excellent cover letter headlines:
THREE reasons why I'm confident that I'm the candidate you are searching for regarding the [insert job opening title here].
I have researched [company name] and believe I'm a perfect fit for [insert job opening title here].
I'd welcome the opportunity to meet you and be interviewed in person for the position of [insert job opening title here].
FOLLOWING THE HEADLINE begin your letter with the greeting: Dear Mrs. Smith.
I feel certain Mrs. Smith will not be able to resist reading a little more. She'll be dying to read what the headline promises. Exercise the ‘muscle’ of a strong headline at the beginning of your next job-search cover letter and then pull out your calendar and fill it up with more job interviews than you ever imagined.
Start YOUR next cover letter with a 'big bang!'
- Jimmy Sweeney
Jimmy Sweeney is the president of CareerJimmy and author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Jimmy is also the author of several career related books and writes a monthly article titled, "Job Search Secrets."

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