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Dumplings Essay

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1. a. whether or not dumping should be permitted is a moral question.

b. “Are dangerous products of any use in the third world?” is a nonmoral (scientific) question.

c. “Is it proper for the U.S. government to sponsor the export of dangerous products oversea?” is a moral question.

d. Whether or not the notification system works as its supporters claim works it nonmoral (factual) question.

e. “Is it legal to dump this product overseas?” is a nonmoral (legal) question.

2. Explain what dumping is, giving some examples. Does dumping raise any moral issues? What are they? What would an ethical relativist say about dumping?

Dumping is that manufacturers export their products with a cheaper market price to overseas countries which have not qualified the health safety standard. In this case, manufacturers sold young children pajamas which contained dangerous chemical Tris that could ...view middle of the document...

I think that what they did is not morally permissible. If I were the manufacturers of Tris-impregnated pajamas, I would notice to public that those products may have potential dangerous.
4. If no law is broken is there anything wrong with dumping? If so, when is it wrong and why? Do any moral considerations support dumping products overseas when this violates U.S. law?
I think that it is wrong with dumping, because those manufacturers kind of like don’t respect for people’s life. There are principles of national sovereignty to violate U.S. law.
5. What moral difference, if any, does it make who is dumping, why they are doing it, where are doing it, or what the product is?

In the third-world countries, the population control agencies would allow to import those “dangerous” birth control devices dumping. It is because in these countries have rate of death in childbirth, they think that those devices are more safe than give birth.
6. Critically assess the present notification system. Is it the right approach, or is it fundamentally flawed?
Critically assess the present notification system is fundamentally flawed. Because base on the principles of national sovereignty, even though those countries have be notified those product is banned which contained harmful material, they still can trade free for their benefits and different countries and different health and safety standard.
7. Putting aside the question of legality, what moral arguments can be given for and against dumping? What is your position on dumping, and what principles and values do you base it on? Should we have laws prohibiting more types of dumping?

I think the moral argument is manufacturers just care about their own benefits and ignore to think about others life. I’m not agree with dumping, it is based on moral standard. We should have laws prohibiting more types of dumping, like how to prevent that manufacturer just changing the name and individual ingredients and resold the dangerous products.

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