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Dulce Et Decorum Est A Beautiful Poem . Truly A Piece Of Art

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\"Dulce et Decorum Est\"Above all I am not concerned with poetry. My subject is war, and the pity of war, The poetry is in the pity.\"-Wilfred Owen...\"Bent double, like old beggars under sacks.\" Is the melancholy air in which the famous poem- \"Dulce et Decorum Est\", begins. The content of this poem is based upon war and tragedy. Wilfred Owen tries to show the harsh reality of war, to people who were still content in believing it was noble and glorious. His message is that if only they could experience his \"smothering dreams\" which are but an echo of what his comrade suffered, then maybe they would change their beliefs. His reference to children in the line- \"My friend you would not ...view middle of the document...

The poets descriptive power and imagery is excellent throughout this paragraph. We receive a detailed, if gruesome image of the background and the soldiers. The rhythm is this paragraph is quite slow, as if in time with the imagined marching of the soldiers. The line \"deaf even to the hoots of gas shells dropping softly behind\" is a very important one as it suggests that they are not out of danger yet. The line where Owen compares the soldiers to old \"hags\" is also very potent. These, young men who were once full of spirit are now crushed, both mentally and physically. Another important line is \"limped on Blood-shod\" . \"Blood-shod\"? Horses are normally shod and in this case, Owen is referring to the fact that they have lost their boots or had them worn away, but they cannot stop. So they stumble along, feet caked or \"shod\" in blood. Owen presents us with a dehumanising vision of men, your heart wrenches for their suffering. Owen uses many metaphors in this poem, an example is \"distant rest\" where we are reminded of the fact that for some soldiers, this could be a permanent one.The second stanza presents a dramatic change from the first. It begins with a gas-shell landing near, sending the soldiers into a panic. The rhythm of the poem changes, becoming faster. What is interesting about this paragraph is that after the initial chaos, all attention is focused upon the death of the soldier. Another change is that instead of being the silent observer, we are now sharing the thoughts of Owen. The emotions also subtly change. We now feel horror and pity at what is occurring and we can understand the helplessness that Owen is feeling. A powerful metaphor in this stanza is when Owen compares the soldiers reaction to the gas as though he was drowning. There is also the reference to the fact that Owen is wearing a gas mask-\"Dim through the misty panes and thick green light\". As with the ending lines in the first paragraph, the last lines in the second paragraph also give us an important piece of information that changes our perspective. The \"story\" that we have been reading is a recurring dream that Owen has. As well as that the last line- \"he plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning,\" is also important, as it is an image that Owen will never forget.The fourth stanza again, changes the tempo and setting. We are pulled out of his nightmares and are addressed personally. This suggests, as we later find out; that the poet has a message or wisdom he wishes to impart. Owen seems to be pleading with us, trying to connect on an emotional level. The bitterness in this paragraph is very apparent but you also sense deep sorrow and even a hint of anger. An important line is: \"Behind the wagon that we flung him in\". This soldier was still alive and if they needed to fling him into a wagon, you know that there was great urgency. There is a rather strange simile in this stanza, which is \"like a devils sick of sin.\" Owens could be implying that...

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