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Duke Essay

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Duke University Medical Center is ranked number one in North Carolina. Duke is ranked nationwide in 13 adult and 10 pediatric specialties. Duke Consists of 812 bed general medical and surgical facility with 38,205 admittances in the most recent year reported. It accomplished 16,721 yearly inpatient and 20,564 outpatient surgeries. Duke’s emergency room also had 68,646 visits. This hospital was one of 80 facilities that made the classifications in at least one of the 10 specialties investigated for the 2012-13 Best Children's Hospitals. Duke is number one research organization in the world.
Major patient care facilities at Duke University Medical Center that are located on their campus include the Duke University Hospital, Duke Clinic, Duke Cancer Center, McGovern-Davison Children's Health Center, Duke ...view middle of the document...

These facilities can be found all in the same area.
Inside the hospital there are many things that are offered. Comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, including a regional emergency/trauma center; a major surgery suite containing 31 operating rooms; an endosurgery center; the Ambulatory Surgery Center with nine operating rooms; an Eye Center with five operating rooms; and an extensive diagnostic and interventional radiology area.( The Center for Living campus is home to several wellness, cardiac rehabilitation, and lifestyle management programs. The main building includes the Sarah Stedman Nutrition Center and Pepsico Fitness Center. Also on campus is Duke Aesthetics, a private, comfortably appointed facility in which Duke Dermatologists and plastic surgeons provide a variety of outpatient surgical and dermatological procedures, and Duke Integrative Medicine, including an $11-million facility which opened late 2006. (
Duke University Medical Center is also known for their school of medicine. The School of Medicine has been extensively documented as one of the best medical schools in the country. The Doctor of Medicine Program offers an exclusive program which gives students patient contact one year before than at most other medical schools and contains a complete year dedicated to self-governing study.
This hospital has gone above and beyond to offer a top medical facility. Duke offers a wide range of programs for different types of people. Duke helps medical students get an entire year of hands on experience before they are thrown into their occupation. Patient care at Duke is also notable by a combined, patient-centered method that cartels the perceptions of physicians from many fortes with the wide-ranging experience of expert nurses, physician assistants, therapists, technologists, and many other health specialists.

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