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Duck Unlimited Keystone Conference: Initial Planning

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Duck Unlimited Keystone Conference: Budget Issues 1

Duck Unlimited Keystone Conference: Budget Issues

Steven H. Hall

Strayer University

Project Management – BUS 517

Professor Carla Henryhand, Phd

February 12, 2012
Duck Unlimited Keystone Conference: Budget Issues 2


Project Managers (PM) for Ducks Unlimited were destined to endure budget issues due to a

poorly defined scope of requirements is when PMs find themselves in a position where what is

required is ambiguous and this can lead to all sorts of problems including misaligned schedules

and budgets. An insufficient budget is often a significant reason for failure is insufficient budget

due to ...view middle of the document...

Duck Unlimited Keystone Conference: Budget Issues 3

Ducks Unlimited (DU) will hold its Keystone Conference in Charlottesville, NC in less

than 21 months. Project Managers (PM) were informed that there has been a reduction in the

budget from $1.2 million to $280K due to economic conditions beyond the control of DU. The

operating budget for the conference has been reduced by nearly than 75% and the changes have

been made to reflect the reduction. The teams who are responsible for speakers, venue,

marketing, and registration are all still in place.

It is estimated that fewer speakers and representatives are attending the DU conference are

being divided into Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, South, and Pacific regions for the purpose of

the conference. In each of the five regions will come five regional representatives and one

senior manager who will speak at the conference and this does not change the WBS significantly.

PMs are utilizing the Top-Down estimating approach due to the project budget being cut

drastically. PMs believed this approach is the best approach. Cost estimates regarding hotels and

rental car transportation for the event have been reduced because additional requirements

regarding lodging has decrease due to much fewer conference attendees. Since the conference

has dwindled to a much smaller conference, catering costs will decrease by almost 70%. The

costs will decrease even more because all vendors selections are not required. Decreased vendor

selections are capable of accommodating 30 to 40 opposed to the original scheduled guest list of

100 vendors.

Duck Unlimited Keystone Conference: Budget Issues 4

Administrative and technical requirements have changed due to the new budget parameters,

thus, administration costs will decrease since attendance at the conference are considered

very exclusive. Printing cost have decreased due to fewer flyers and other printed materials will

are available throughout the period of the DU conference. Team members from each region and

the number of team members and other associates attending the conference are being reduced.

It is estimated that existing costs will occur in regards to leasing audio and video equipment

just in case the hotel does not accommodate. In addition, it was decided that a much lesser

elaborate sound system and a much smaller conference...

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