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Duck And Cover Essay

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Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover
After the discharge of the original atomic bombs, many Americans were elated that World War II was at an end. As additional research was conducted about the effects and power of atomic bombs, anxiety began to move throughout the United States. But when the first atomic bomb was tested by the Soviet Union in 1949, anxiety turned to terror and alarm.
To alleviate Americans’ fears, the U.S. Government created films that shed light on the characteristics and showed practices for persisting an atomic attack. Duck and Cover, a movie, was presented to school aged children starting in 1950. This film featured a cartoon turtle with a jovial theme song, and sound advice. Duck and Cover was supposed to reassure children that they would ...view middle of the document...

Citizens of American were advised to formulate plans for potential nuclear occurrence, to recognize what to do and where to go if the air raid sirens ever went off. With Americans, terrified of nuclear fallout, many still searched for methods to formulate for persistence. Civil defense brochures gave directives on have a supply of non-perishable foods, drinking water, and lighting in basements. In the suburbs, several people built underground nuclear fallout shelters in their backyards —where they could take and wait out the nastiest consequences of nuclear radiation.
Qualms of nuclear war began to disperse by the end of the 1950s. After the Cuban Missile Crisis , the United States and Russia decided to come up with a way towards disarming Cuba. In 1963, America and Russia settled to disallow above-ground analysis of nuclear weapons. Oddly, the menace of obliteration or “mutually assured destruction” — as it would later come to be known as — made both parties unenthusiastic to use nuclear bombs.
Until the Cold War ended in the 1980s, fears of a nuclear World War III were still persistent, and those fears are still alive today, with the risk of nuclear weapons since there are more countries trying to create nuclear bombs, the United States attempts to keep the bombs out of reach of the bad guys. After the terrorist attacks on 9/11 against our country, awareness in national defense increased again — now as a part of the fortification from biological weapons and smaller “dirty bombs”. Although the Cold War may be a thing of the past, the necessity for national security is not.

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