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Dubai Airport Company Essay

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Dubai Airports Company
* Introduction:
I am working as a coordinator between the department and its employees and my objective is help the employees and the management to remove the communication gap. In this research we will analyze the history of the company, its organizational environment, governance structure, strategy and performance and as a result of our discussion and result, the way forward for the future. My detailed research about the company is as follows:
Dubai Airport Company was established to take control of:
* Dubai Cargo Village
It is the first cargo handling ...view middle of the document...

The Airport works in collaboration with airlines, passengers and employs to oblige the growth of Dubai the world rising centre for leisure time and business.
The vision of Company is to change course of aviation history by providing excellent aviation services and to become best airport company of world.
The mission of company is to create world chief airport to boost success and global reputation of Dubai.
The company has set four key values. These values figure and manipulate the way in which company interacts with passengers, stakeholders, employees and business partners. These values are:
* Proud: Hopeful to be confident global player.
* Ambitious: Positioning Dubai Airports as director of airport management.
* Reliable: Engaged to provide dependable delivery and accountable attitude.
* Energetic: Driven by obsession to create vivacious and dynamic environment.
* Caring: Striving to be deep, authentic, honest, fair and trustworthy and fair in all customer interactions.

* Background:
The aviation history of Dubai has proud past followed by spectacular innovation and outstanding growth. The history of aviation dates back to 1937 when first flight landed on Dubai. After groundbreaking occasion the airport was inaugurated in 1959 starting a new era of best aviation services. Starting with only few thousand passengers the airport reach the range of one million passengers travelling via Dubai Airport in 1974 , then reaching upto 5 million in 1990 and 10 million upto 1999 followed by series of new projects and plans of airport. With the beginning of 2000 the capacity of passengers increased from 10 million to 23 million. Until 2008 with rapid expansion of airport with three terminals the number of passengers reached to 60 million.
* Environment:
As matter of responsible aviation company the major aim of Dubai Airport Company is to develop and flourish with environmental sustainability in best manner. Dubai Airport together with stakeholder and federal and regional government continued to work by taking part in environmental programmes and continue to make principles and policies to enhance sustainability in UAE. The company is the member of World Environmental Standing Committee (WESC) and Asia and Pacific Regional Environmental Committee (APREC) to deal with regional and global environmental issues having direct impact on aviation services. With the help of Dubai Airports Environmental Management Plan the companies is on the way of implementing efficiencies, reduction of environmental risks and follow novel ideas to limit environmental impact by supporting UAE vision of 2021.

Reduction of Carbon emission:
The Company is on journey of carbon neutral growth is the founding of carbon baseline to effectively enter Airport council International Carbon Accreditation Programme which is praised by United nation Environmental Programme (UNEP) and ICAO.
Building Support for environmental...

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