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Dubai Essay

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One should visit Dubai, because it is a beautiful city located in the United Arab Emirates with the modern development and wonderful and luxurious attractions. The first sightseeing that needs to be mentioned is Burj Khalifa. It is a skyscraper with the height of 829.84 m; the high rise is the tallest artificial building around the world. The structure was officially opened on the 4th January, 2010, and it is a component of the new 2 km flagship district named Downtown Dubai. This tower is the heart of the world-famous area for shopping, eating and amusement. It is also the highest skyscraper, the structure of which consists of numerous floors, while the tallest one has the biggest ...view middle of the document...

It indicates that if a person is not a visitant, it is only possible to take a sight tour around the hotel hall or wander around the building for a nearly sufficient amount of time in order to enjoy its wonderful look. However, a tourist can take photographs inside and outside of the building and enjoy the panoramic lift and the exciting sight from 200 meters above the sea level.
Gold is one of the main reasons why a lot of tourists select Dubai for the holidays. By some appraisals, about 25 tons of gold are showcased at any certain time in jewelry shops throughout Dubai. One of the most famous jewelry stores is the traditional Gold Market in Deira, named the Gold Souk. A lot of small shops sell gold from many states, from actual bullions to petty worked jewelry, in addition to silver, refined stones and gems. Gold is actively promoted with the help of specific proposals in the course of Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises. Thanks to its huge number of shops, wonderful diversity of goods and exceptionally acceptable cost, the Dubai Gold Souk is the definite place of destination for jewelry fans. Walking across the Gold Souk, people can remark that jewelry in shop showcases has no cost shown. This is due to that the price is not final; on the contrary, it is defined by its mass and the daily gold course, which depends on the taxes. In fact, the gold rate is defined twice on a daily basis, mainly by the Dubai Gold and Jewelry Group; thereby, it is identical for all stores. People can find it shown in various shop showcases. Watches and handbags are sold by sellers outside the stores. The best time for tourists to saunter around the streets is the evening, when the Souk is lively, and the gold shines in the lights.
The most grandiose immovable creation on earth is the Palm Islands of Dubai. They, by rights, belong to the 8th wonder of the world. The Palm Islands consist of three isles that are surrounded by the waters of the Persian Gulf. The Palm Islands can be characterized by themed hotels, apartment constructions, villas, beaches, seascapes, restaurants and a diversity of points of sale. The most well-known characteristic is the themed hotel Atlantis which is located there and has 5 stars. The best choice for a honeymoon or fantastic vacation; the Palm Islands grant a full break from obligations of the everyday life. Rooms are free from telephones and televisions; thereby, a person can relish in the native sounds of the sparse tropical environment, lounging in a hammock on one of the colorful islands. The hike along the three native paths provides with a substantial amount of unforgettable glimpses of natural wildlife, palm wood and wonderful bright sights of close islands. Here, one can engage in different...

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