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Dual Diagnosis Essay

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Dual Diagnosis
Lloyd Bell
Liberty University Lynchburg

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Dual Diagnosis
Those who suffer from a concurrent mental illness and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) are often categorized as dual diagnosed (Doweiko, 2015, p. 317). While this is not a hard concept to understand it can be very difficult to assess, properly diagnose, and treat such an individual.   Scalise (n.d) points out that it is crucial to properly assess the client because the presenting problem may be different from the underlying issue. This is where concurrent disorders can “throw a monkey wrench” in the process of ...view middle of the document...

Rationalizing substance abuse or addictive behavior based on a mental illness is a way that some justify drug seeking and drug misuse. This is why professional helpers need to be trained in dealing with and treating dual diagnosed individuals. The better equipped a professional is to handle such a client may help them identify the types of denial that can differ from those who do not suffer from concurrent disorders.
Doctors and physicians can also hinder recovery and proper treatment of those with concurrent disorders. Professional blindness can lead to dual diagnosed individuals being bounced between chemical dependency and psychiatric treatment facilities (Doweiko, 2015, p. 329). However, the dual diagnosed individual may need an integrated approach to recover. Without such care a physician could do more harm to someone who is an addict. Doweiko (2015) give the example of how a physician can trigger a relapse by prescribing a habit forming drug while trying to alleviate emotional destress in a person with SUDs. This is why it is important get a clear diagnostic picture when dealing with a dual diagnosed person.
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