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Dss Decision Support System Essay

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(6/29/01 - advanced copy from Tammy Murray)
Description of the System:

Decision Support System (DSS) provides specific data to University staff members who need information to perform their jobs. This service facilitates the manipulation of data so that sound quality management decisions can be made. It integrates data from multiple sources, such as Financial, Human Resources and Student systems. It also provides a presentation format that is more user-friendly, and facilitates cross functionality among the University Staff.

DSS uses operational files from Purdue's human resources, financial, and student information systems to create DSS tables which are easy to use and designed to ...view middle of the document...

Application User and Volume Metrics:

Current DSS clients number over 650. Growth has leveled off and the addition of new users is slow. The average number of DSS queries per day is 1000, and continues to increase. Peak activity for both HR/FIN and Student DSS occurs after a respective DSS refresh.


DSS is available except for refreshes, service maintenance, and server backups. When DSS is available, this availability is classified into two categories; attended and unattended mode:

Attended Mode:
□ Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with support for the WAI Business Analysts and Customer Support

Unattended Mode:
□ Monday through Friday, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. with no support from the WAI Business Analysts and Customer Support
□ Saturday and Sunday, no support from the WAI Business Analysts and Customer Support
□ University Holidays

When DSS is in attended mode, periodically, it may need to be unavailable during this time for application enhancements, database maintenance or server maintenance. However, this will be minimized if at all possible. Downtime will be communicated to users. Users will be supported by Customer Service and the WAI Business Analyst, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. See the section "Problem Reporting and Resolution" for specifics on what area is responsible for various support. If DSS would need to be in attended mode outside the regularly scheduled time, the WAI Business Analyst should be contacted. He or she will gather the information and involve all appropriate parties to determine if the application can be made available outside the above stated time.

If a problem should occur while DSS was in unattended mode that would require the server that contains DSS to be taken down, the WAI Business Analysts should be notified ahead of time when possible.

Scheduled Application Unavailability:

DSS HR/FIN Refresh - With the exception of the Proposal Award table, all DSS data through the last day of the previous month should be available by 5:00 PM on the third business day of the current month. Proposal Award table data is refreshed on a daily basis and should be available through the previous day's activities by 8:00 am of the current day. In the event that problems prohibit a successful refresh of the Proposal Award table, the table will be refreshed and up to date by 8:00 am the following morning.

DSS Student Refresh - Student tables are refreshed according to an established Refresh Schedule available on the web. The Student Academic Award table data is refreshed on a weekly basis, and should be available by 8:00 am on the day following the refresh.

Each month a scheduled backup of the entire DSS system will be done. These backups are scheduled for the first Tues. after a normal monthly DSS HR/FIN refresh. They are scheduled to begin at 9:00 pm.

Dependencies on Other Services:

A few selected individuals are using software to dial...

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