Drugs Should Be Legalised. Yes Or No?

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„Drugs should be legalised“

I, like the vast majority of people, disagree with proposition that drugs should be legalised. Accepting this act would be the same like taking money from people for killing them. We don‘t need legalisation, we need to fight against it, try to save people who are standing on the edge of a precipice, not to push them from it.
Of course, there are many people who would agree with this proposition, but most of them are drug users or spreaders. Supporters of this act say that legalised drugs would reduce criminality as drug addicts are forced to do crimes to get money for drugs. Also, they are using freedom of choice to convince that drugs should be legalised. But I think, that since a minute you first taste drugs , you do not belong to yourself anymore, you belong to ...view middle of the document...

According to NIDA – National Institute on Drug Abuse - teenagers first trie drugs at the age of 13 – 16 and the main reason for that is peer pressure. Presently, it‘s not very easy to get drugs for teenagers, but due to easy availability of drugs , if they would be legalised, they could get it from older friends, who would be able to get drugs legallly. If drugs would be legalised, danger to get addicted to drugs for young individuals would increase and that would be a disaster. Youth is the future of humanity, whereas drugs legalisation would destroy their future even before they start living. Drugs lead world to social and medical catastrophe.
Drugs influence physical and psychical health, it destroys human from inside. Drugs disorganize  brain , heart, liver, intestine work. And almost all of these disorders are irreversible. If drugs would be legalised, some people would buy it instead of usual anaesthetics even though it would make more harm than benefit. Death statistic of drug abuse is horrifying. About 30% of drug addicts die. And this percentage would increase if drugs would be legalised. Also, usage of drugs is a cause of many diseases, like AIDS, hepatitis, cancer, mental trouble.
Instead of legalising drugs, society should concentrate on a fighting against drugs and helping people suffering from it . Sure, there is a lot of organisations , rehabilitation and help centres like EURAD, Nida, ICAAt, but it‘s not enough. Drug addicts won‘t go there themselves, they need somebody to convince them to do this or at least to be with them and support them.
Do we need more deaths ? Do we want more diseases? Do we like to see suffering young people, who are destroying their lifes? NO. We need strong, healthy, reasonable and understanding community. And if we want to have all that,we have to say no to drugs legalisation and do everything that‘s in our will to change our lives.

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