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Drugs In Sports Essay

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Drug use has reached an all-time high in the sports arena. The need to succeed, be among the elite, financial gain, and the pressure to win are some of the many reasons that drugs are found in sports today. Drugs in sports range from therapeutic drugs, performance enhancement drugs, and recreational drugs. Drugs in sports are found on various levels of competition such as: high school, college, and professional sports. High school athletes' are using enhancement drugs so that they may receive a college scholarship, collegiate athletes' are using drugs so that they make it to the professional level, and professional athletes' are using drugs to make sure that they stay among the elite. Drug ...view middle of the document...

The stride for more fans and more profit, along with the want to win are influences within an organization. Some athletes have even admitted that they knew that it was wrong but has taken a drug to enhance their performance at one point in time. Drugs in sports are frowned upon by the public. Individuals believe that athletes are public figures or even role models to their children and should not partake in drugs. People do not want the perception that it is okay to participate in drugs passed on to younger generations. When younger athletes such as high school students see collegiate or professional athletes using drug to reach that next edge, they then believe that the use of drugs to enhance performance is okay. Society also believes that athletes punishments for using drugs are not as serious as others who have taken drugs. Others believe that athletes that use drugs have an advantage over athletes that does not. Therefore, the competition is unfair. Individuals are also concerned about the health and safety of athletes. There are a lot of risks that comes with the use of drugs. The public feels that athletes should be educated on drug usage, the risks that are associated with it, and the consequences within their sport. Drugs and substance use in sports has a long history.
Drugs have been used in sports since ancient times. It is said that the ancient Greek and Romans used herbs, special potions, and mushrooms to heighten their performance. It is believed that gladiators used drugs to enhance their performances, and even went as far as giving those potions to their horses while at battle. Cocoa leaves date back to Maya times. Amphetamines came into play around the World War II era. Soldiers were given amphetamines so that they could remain alert. Death from an overdose in sports date back to the late 1800s. Drugs in sports date back to the early 1900s in sports such as cycling and marathons. It was ancient times that an athlete looking to do something to reach the next performance level, be at the top of their sports class, and succeed; and it is still going on today. So drugs in sports did not just come about but have been around for some time.
There are therapeutic usage of drugs in sports. These drugs are prescribed by team doctors, physical therapist, or handed out by athletic trainers. The purposes for these drugs are to aid in the healing process for athletes, decrease swelling, or help manage pain. These drugs consist of NSAIDS, pain killers, and anesthetics. Trainers and sports medicine personnel often inject therapeutic drugs to help with swelling, speed up the healing process, or to numb athletes so that they may continue in play. There are topical therapeutic drugs as well. Diuretics can be used as a therapeutic drug to eliminate excess fluids from tissue. An athletic trainer or physical therapist can put medicine into the skin by using stem treatments or ultrasound treatments. Therapeutic drugs are prescribed and...

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