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Drugs And Violence Essay

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The Terror of Drugs and Violence

The Terror of Drugs and Violence
For over seven decades the United States has experienced an increasing drug problem in it's larger cities. This growing drug problem has destroyed lives and spread violence throughout communities in North America. Violence has also become troublesome for government and city officials to police, and in most cities when the drug sales increase the violence does as well. Drugs and violence are two separate problems facing America, but they are both key contributors to crime, poverty, and deteriorating health in large cities.
The continuous increase in drugs and violence in America has caused crime to reach an all ...view middle of the document...

Substance abusers are also known to carry out robberies, but against innocent members of the community in order to purchase drugs. These types of robberies are common in large cities because most drug users do not work and seek other methods to obtain their drug.
Countless lives have been at risk as drug related shootings have spread across America destroying and causing fear among families. As drug gangs continue their violent fight for territory they leave behind a path of destruction and death from the relentless eruption of gunfire. Disputes and theft among individuals in the illegal drug market are two of the primary reasons behind shootings.
Prostitution is another means in which substance abusers obtain the funds to purchase illegal drugs. Prostitution is a dangerous lifestyle in which men and women solicit sex to strangers for money. One study estimated that nearly seven in ten prostitutes were drug addicts (Flowers, 2001). While demonstrating these type of behaviors they run the risk of being raped, murdered, or becoming infected with HIV.

In addition to size, a breeds temperament can also be a deciding factor when considering a working or non-working dog.
Dogs that are bred to guard usually have poor temperament. The doberman pinscher is a guard dog bred in Germany around 1890 by tax collector Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Doberman Pinschers have been well known for being alert, intelligent, and loyal, but have a tendency to be very aggressive when protecting their home or territory.
In recent years there have been other breeds that have made bad reputations for themselves due to poor temperament. One of those breeds is the Pit Bull or Pit Bull Terrier of North America. Pit Bull is name given to several breeds mixed with or related to the American Bulldog, American Stafford Shire Terrier, and Bull Terrier. These are working dogs mainly used to guard, and as of later years have earned the title of bully breeds. Some Pit Bulls have made great family dogs, but there have been a substantial amount of attacks since the popularity of the breed has risen. A few jurisdictions have banned the the breeding and ownership of Pit Bulls due to recent fatalities.
There have been some cases of non-working dogs demonstrating bad temperament. The Chow Chow or Chow as commonly used in North America has been known for its aggressive nature. The Chow is a unique breed of dog recognized by its fluffy dense coat. The Chow Chow originates from China and is thought to be one of the oldest breed of dog. This day and age Chows are mainly used as pets but tend to display discernment of strangers and can become fiercely protective of their owners and property.
Dogs belonging to the toy group such as poodles, chihuahuas, and miniature schnauzers can sometimes display poor...

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