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Drugs And The Effects It Has On Others

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Drugs & The Effects It Has On Others

Almost everyone has experienced drugs in his or her life, be it a friend, a family member, or the individual. Drugs can be damaging to a person’s character and cause many problems. For me, I experienced drugs through my parents; they started at a young age and experienced the disease of addiction. The consequences of their disease hindered themselves as well as their family members. For my father, it was death and luckily for my mom, things turned out better being that she is now 23 years clean and is able to be a great parent/ role model for me. Some effects caused by drug use are physical consequences, the effect on others, and the ...view middle of the document...

The abuse of drugs can even lead to HIV and AIDS from being unsanitary and failing to take the precautions that need to be taken. Injection drug users represent 12% of annual new HIV infections in the United States and in 2008 alone an estimated 4,444 Americans were infected with HIV by injecting drugs. (, 2011) When an addict is in the middle of their addiction, they are only worried about their next fix, so it is easy for them to participate in something without any thought.
Although drug use is something that a single person is involved in, it has negative and extreme effects to everyone around them. The disease of addiction can cause a lot of distrust and has the potential to be the foundation of a lot of emotional trauma. Drugs are extremely detrimental to marriages and relationships; they cause major conflicts between one another and can lead to separation, divorce, and cheating. With that being said, the disease of addiction is also known to result in domestic violence; especially when the individual is experiencing severe withdraws. The United States Department of Justice found that 61% of domestic violence offenders also have substance abuse problems. (Collins James J. and Donna L. Spenser, 2002) When you have a loved one that is caught up in the disease, you may experience multiple feelings such as blame, guilt, confusion, worry, shame, and depression. These feelings come because these individuals mean so much to us and it is human nature to question why. We need clarity and understanding to the things that our loved ones are going through!
Chemical dependence means that they are dependent on the substance and need it in order to function on a daily basis. Being that they are dependent of the chemical, if they are unable to use the substance they will experience severe withdraws. Some of the symptoms to the withdraw process include sweats, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme anxiety, and an increase in blood pressure. Chemical dependence includes biological, behavioral, and social-context factors and in order to treat this disease properly, all three of these components need to be addressed and treated. Frequent uses of addictive drugs arouse the release of dopamine, causing the user to have a gratifying reaction ("Wolter Kluwer Health", 2005). When the user does not use the drug any longer, the dopamine is not released and the body craves that feeling by reacting dramatically. Different symptoms occur depending on the individual’s drug of choice.
With that being said, there are some withdraws that are more dangerous than others and can ultimately lead to death. Alcohol and benzodiazepines are the two withdraws that can cause seizures and cause fatalities. Although the withdraw symptoms from methamphetamine and opiates may be severe and cause extreme discomfort, no studies have shown that a person can die from a lack of those substances. When a person becomes dependent of a drug/ substance, the receptors in...

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