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Drug Trafficking Essay

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Palm Beach State College

How War On Drugs Effects Everyone

Gregory Mullen
Police Administration 1
Frank Aiello
There have been many issues of drug trafficking and decriminalizing substances like cocaine and marijuana for many years throughout a lot of countries’. There has been a huge timeline of situations that we have experienced and faced with during the 70s through the 21st century. This information about to be given just shows how easy it is to get mixed in with drugs.
The 60s led up to the 70s of drug war conflicts between people in the world. But before the 70s the government just thought of drug use was a social disease and would die out soon enough before it ...view middle of the document...

In the 80s a lot of more commotion is going on between south Florida, Columbia, and Mexico. When Regan came into office he prioritized the war on drugs that made the Columbian traffickers scared for their life (frontline). Another change to crack down the drug influence on schools is a program called Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE). In this program students were pushed to tell higher authorities about their friends, parents, and adults about their drug use. Also Regan put an end to the study of cannabis, which is the seed from a marijuana plant from within universities. The same year in Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee there were marijuana fields being illegally sprayed with toxic chemicals so that it was more potent to the users of it (Ej Turner). In 1982 south Florida had a big conflict on their hands. Back in the day Miami was one of the biggest drug trafficking area in the U.S. and had a bigger situation then they thought. Regan then created a task force to be assigned for duty in Miami because of all the drug crimes. Later he sent them all throughout the U.S (frontline). That same year the armed forces had the biggest cocaine seizure ever. The total came out to be 3,906 pounds of cocaine, which valued over 100 million dollars (frontline). This event changed the way citizens in Florida thought about Miami and what its purpose was. They soon came to conclusion that the Columbians are behind this seizure because not just a couple Columbians could make this shipment. The U.S. could have prevented this from even happening by cracking down on the ships coming into the ports and checking to see if there is any paraphernalia. In 1984 Nancy Reagan developed the “just say no movement” that was more for medium wage salaries and white people (frontline). This movement was for kids and adults to just say no to drugs and whomever they came in contact with that had them to tell the higher authorities. This next bust was nicknamed the “bust of the century” by time magazine. The DEA and Mexican officials raid a marijuana field and destroy it. The fields had 2.5 billion dollars worth of marijuana. Also when Reagan was in office at this time the prison population doubled. Citizens that wanted to go to the army went to boot camps and were given more positive feedback to not partake in drugs and stop it. Around 1986 Reagan signs the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which could possibly change America for the good. What it was mainly designed for was to put more money into the drug trafficking situation, building new prisons for the criminals, teaching students to not take drugs and to stay away, and to help out the drug abusers to quit using. Reagan also used a system to put more criminals away in jail for using just a little bit of marijuana or cocaine (frontline). Reagan also set up the drug free workplace program because he wanted a safe work environment. Before everyone had acquired a job they were given a drug test to see if they have been taking drugs as...

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