Drug Tests In Sports Essay

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Drug Tests in Sports
In recent years, the number of athletes caught using drug has increased dramatically. Drugs and sports are two words that should never be used the same sentence. In 1988, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold medal because drug testing revealed human growth hormones in his system. (Drug Testing) By doing this, it sent a message that unfair competition will not be tolerated. Some people believe that drug testing is a waste of time and money and others believe that it is an invasion of privacy. Drug testing in sports are rules of the game that need to be enforced.
Every competitive sport has rules. Theses rules need to be enforced if the sport is to have any true meaning. Among these rules is a ...view middle of the document...

The athletes that work hard to be the best without using drugs deserve to be the best.
Athletes, either college or professional, are sometimes role models for many young people. Many children look up to famous people or say they want to be like them. They may also try to behave like their favorite athlete. If a child were to find out that their favorite athlete was doing drugs to enhance their performance, it would more than likely hurt the child. It may also make the child think that it is okay to do drugs. Athletes should set examples for other people. They should not encourage other people to do things that aren’t right.
Athletes aren’t chosen to be on a team for just any reason, they’re chosen because they are the best. A true athlete should be able to perform without the use of drugs determining how they play. Hard work and determination it the right way to show a player’s athletic capability. Each and every determined athlete should work as an individual to become the best and not take the easy way out.
In conclusion, drug tests in sports should be enforced. Athletes should be compassionate and not cheat themselves or disappoint people that are inspired by them. A prime example of a person in the news today that did the complete opposite of that is Lance Armstrong. He cheated his opponents and ruined the love that other people had for him by using performance enhancing drugs.

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