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Drug Taffickin In The United States

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Drug Trafficking in the United States
Amie Woods
Instructor Shelley Lawyer
English Composition 122
January 23, 2012

The topic I choose to discuss is Drug Trafficking in the United States. The reason I choose this topic is, because I want to inform you about the social, and the ethical effects that drug trafficking has on upon our society. From people robbing others to families stealing from each other to leaving children without one or both parents, drugs have affected our daily lives. Some addicts spend so much time and money trying to obtain drugs or under the influence of drugs that they neglect their family, friends, and work. (World Book, 2012)
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Drug use is a major issue in the United States. It impedes economic development where drugs are grown in large quantities, and understanding the multi-million-dollar business is less developed. This is the reason that drug cartels’ must be dealt without backlash to America. Americans are feeding the drug trade, because we have become a drug driven America.
Drug Traffickers were asked to describe a typical drug smuggling event from a source country to the United States. Descriptions and information about the offenses for which they were convicted help determine specific ways that drugs are transported to the United States, and how the smugglers are able to avoid detection. This information will shed light on the dynamic nature of drug smuggling, risks that are involved, and strategies that smugglers use to minimize those risks. (Stephenson 2011)
The volume of cocaine production in the source countries of Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia has been estimated at roughly 680 metric tons in 1997 (Abt Associates, 1999: 14; United Nations, 2005). Estimates developed by Abt Associates indicate that approximately 300 metric tons of cocaine entered the United States in 1997, roughly 44 percent of the total production tonnage. To date, most of the understanding of drug smuggling and the impact of drug interdiction policy on smugglers comes from perspective of those charged with the task of intercepting, arresting, and prosecuting smugglers and low-level dealers. (Decker 2011)
The social and the ethical implications on our society is phenomenal. Socially people who are involved with drugs are withdrawing from friends, family, and work. The spiraling effects of a social letdown are imminent if we continue to feed the drug smugglers, and dealers. We as Americans are the driving force for smugglers, because of our appetite for drugs. Our children and the elderly are being used to transport drugs across borders. Here is an example; research indicates that resources that would otherwise be spent on development, infrastructure, education, and health care has been redirected over the last two decades to incarcerate drug offenders, many of whom are low-level offenders.
Over 5 million people are on probation and parole in America. Many states spend an excess of 50,000 dollars a year per each inmate for housing, and that is non-violent low-level offenders. In 1980 corrections spending was at 6.9 billion as opposed to 68 billion in 2006. Between 1985 and 1995 prisons were constructed at a pace of one new prison a week. The over reliance on incarceration has had dramatic effects on unemployment, destabilization of families, and increased risk of incarceration for the formerly incarcerated, due to the scope of the drug problem in America.
My method of data collection will be limited to the Ashford Online Library, and the Google Scholar website. I will also use information from the National Geographic website, and a scholar...

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