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Drug Store Eye Shadow Vs. Department Store Eyeshadow

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Whether it’s for every day at the office, dramatic, or smokey-eye look for a night on the town, newcomers to the world of eye shadow can find themselves getting lost amidst the vast array of name-brands, shades and pigments of eye shadows. Then there are the options to choose between cream, powder, loose or baked eye shadows. The buyer will want to know how to apply the products as well as whether or not there will be long-term protection for her skin. Today’s shopper should compare quality, volume and pricing. Many make gurus have endorsed higher end and higher priced products but, quality eye shadow does not need to come with a high price-tag; this is shown by comparing key elements ...view middle of the document...

Each brand prominently displays their bestselling products. Although so different, they all appear to seamlessly flow together.
In contrast to this picture the drug store cosmetic area can be much less assaulting. As the shopper enters the store, they are greeted by the employee closest to the entrance. The greeter will probably be dressed in a vest or store logo’d, collared shirt. Any assistance given will be asked for but will not be motivated by the opportunity to gain a commission or meet a weekly quota. The cosmetic aisles in the drug stores are not very different than those found in the department stores. Like the department store, there are samples and testers for most of the products for sale, even the nail polish. The products are grouped together by manufacturer, brightly lit and appealing to the eye, minus the glass display cases. The major differences are the substantially lower prices will be clearly marked under each row of products and the absence of the eager sales associate.
Eye shadows come in a wide array of colors, shades, and forms. They can be purchased in palettes which are sets that offer the consumer a variety to choose from for a better price then purchasing each shade individually. E.L.F. (Eyes, Lips, Face) products can be found at Target and are some of the most reasonably priced. E.L.F. eye shadows can be purchased individually for $1.00 - $3.00. They also offer palettes and tools (application brushes) ranging in price from $1.00 to $15.00. Their palettes offer the consumer fifty to one hundred different shades per palette for as low as $15.00. The pigmentation is good and if worn with a primer the shadow will not crease or smear, lasting for 8 hours or more. The colors range from nude, matte colors to colors that have a glittery shimmer to them.
Urban Decay, a popular department store brand offers a wide array of colors most of which can be purchased in one of their many palettes. Eight color choices can be purchased for $37.00 and twelve colors for $50.00. The palette color choices range from nude, naturals to deeply pigmented bright colors, and glittery gold, bronze and silver tones. These eye shadows are long lasting if worn with a primer. They will not crease, fade, or smear for up to 8 hours or more.
Maybelline has a new line of cream eye shadows called, “24 Hour Color Tattoo”. There are nine shades and .14 ounces (4 grams) can be purchased at any...

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