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Drug Abuse Paper 4

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Did you know that addictions occur in 1 in every 8 people.

Addictions are a serious problem in the USA. One quarter of people

in the 8th grade have admitted to smoking marijuana regularly. That is

the only the people who have admitted it. 50% of in high school

admitted to smoking marijuana regularly. Also addictions that are

becoming more popular in the United States are prescription drugs

like Oxycotin and Vicodin because they make the persons body relax.

90% of muggings and crimes are related to drugs.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Dan. Dan was a smart

person who had never touched a drug in his life and did well in

school. One day one of his friends said that they were going to try this

completely safe but ...view middle of the document...

Later that week Dan experimented for the first time on ecstasy. He

felt great and liked how it made him so happy so decided that he was

going to take it more often. The next week Dan wasn’t feeling good

so he decided that he was going to take the pills since he bought

some from this guy that he met with his friends at the mall. After

taking the pill Dan once again felt great and started using almost

once a day. After he saw that the pills were going great and not

hurting his body at all he decided that he would take them a lot more

so that people would like him better. In school Dan realized that his

grades were slipping because it was very hard for him to focus but

Dan didn’t care that much anymore. After a few months of taking the

pills a lot he started to become addicted to them. By this time Dan’s

grades were all F’s and so he dropped out of scool. When Dan was

addicted to this drug he did not care about anybody else or what

everyone thought of him he just wanted to have the drugs so he could

feel good all the time and not have to worry about everything else.

When Dan had the drug a lot he was not getting the same affect as

he used to so he started taking more than one or two at a time and

more often.

One day about a year later Dan went to take his pills again and he

took so many at once that his body could not handle it so he

collapsed. Since Dan stopped talking to his family a long time ago he

was just living by himself he had no on to help him. After a while Dan

was found and someone called the cops. When the cops did all the t

ests they realized that he had no pulse and that Dan was dead. Dan

had ruined his whole life just by taking a pill.

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