Drug Abuse In America Essay

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Devin Moore
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4, May 2014
Drug Abuse in America Chapter 13
The United States is number one in illegal drug use throughout the world (cbsnews). Men, women and teens across the country are becoming addicted every day to drugs such as cocaine, alcohol, heroin and meth. While Marijuana isn’t technically addictive, it is still the number one used illegal drug in the United States. Marijuana has become legal in some areas in the United States. “Single adults were more likely to report marijuana and cocaine abuse”. These drugs literally destroy lives. People lose their jobs, families and homes because of drug abuse. It is a problem that has been and will be ...view middle of the document...

It’s a white bitter powder. It is has no smell and will dissolve in water and alcohol. Labs for this drug can be anywhere. They can be in small spaces which are conveniently hard to locate. Also the drug is one of the less expensive drugs and will give you a longer lasting high. Some of the effects of this drug can be extremely concerning. Addicts often experience high blood pressure, decreased appetite, increased body temperature and violent behavior. Abusers can often become extremely paranoid and irritable. Meth can unfortunately lead to permanent brain damage and can cause diseases like Parkinson’s disease (powerpoint).
Ecstasy is another popular drug in the United States. It is popular within the upper, middle and lower class. In 1985 the U.S. made the drug illegal (powerpoint). The drug can cause severe memory loss. It is a synthetic drug that’s also a stimulant (drugfree.org). It has been said that ecstasy makes users more confident and energetic. The after effects of the drug are often anxiety, depression and complications with sleeping.
Heroin is a drug that is also on the rise in the U.S. It is extremely addictive and is usually shot up with a needle. People become physically and psychologically addicted. This drug has destroyed many communities throughout the U.S.
A drug that creates a lot of health problems in the United States is alcohol. People who abuse alcohol are more likely to abuse other drugs. Alcoholism has been found to be a genetically passed down disorder. The process of becoming addicted is very slow. The effects of alcohol use are car accidents, which is major cause of deaths in the U.S. and also violence. Alcohol abuse is the number one problems with college students. It is often the reason for college dropouts. In order to overcome an addiction to alcohol, you must set personal goals for yourself. You must be persistent and driven. Seeking professional help is often very productive. Many people who are alcoholics don’t want to admit their problem. The first step to overcoming your problem is admitting that...

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