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Drug Abuse And Social Work Essay

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Drug Abuse and Social Work

Drug Abuse and Social Work
There are many reasons why people use drugs. Drugs have been use throughout the nations in the 1960. In 2003 roughly about 9% of the total U.S. population ages 12 and higher deal with substance abuse. Advancement in technology, changes within a society, money; low income are some reasons why people use drugs. Drugs were known for the cure to all life problems. Marijuana and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) are known drugs used by young Americans worldwide. Peer pressure and advertising are known facts why people use drugs. Today, drugs are being used because individuals do not want to feel left out by ...view middle of the document...

Misusing drugs can lead to having health problems in the short or long term and destroy your personal and professional relationships.Drugs that are most likely to misuse are narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, marijuana, inhalants and steroids.
Narcotics are illegal drugs. Vicodin, Dilaudid, Percodan, Methadone, Demerol, Darvon, Talwin, Cocaine and Marijuana are known as Narcotics. The effect of these drugs cause one to feel highly blissful; therefore, it is used nonmedically for personal enjoyment. These drugs can also calm a person down. If these drugs are misused, it can cause addiction and may have one think they cannot perform without these drugs.
Stimulants such as Cocaine, Ephedrine, Amphetamines, Methylphenidate, MDMA and Modafinil are drugs that make you fully aware and have knowledge. These drugs are involved with increase in heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, alertness, and motor activities. These drugs are also used for nonmedically personal enjoyment because it causes one to feel overjoyed. The effects can cause loss of appetite and boosts up your energy. Nicotine is an ingredient in tobacco that individuals misused. Tobacco causes blood pressure to go up as well as the heart to beat faster. Cardiovascular problems, difficultly breathing, coughing are all cause by the tar in the smoke. Smoking causes lung cancer, bronchitis, heart disease, heart attacks, vascular stenosis and birth defects
Depressants are a substance factor that reduces the purpose or activity of a certain part of the body.Depressants is known to comfort someone.

These drugs are misused normally during alcohol, anti anxiety drugs, sleep medications, non barbiturates, narcotics, anesthetics and over the counter sleep medications. When one intake a high amount of depressants pills they will be drowsy and have a speech difficulties.
Low dosage of depressants pills will cause someone to become less anxious, muscle relaxation and it will reduce your anxiety. High dosage can also lead to death. Alcohol is commonly known for depressant. Drinking a lot of alcohol can cause liver damage, heart disease, memory impairment, cancer in mouth, brain damage, cirrhosis, nerve damage, and memory loss. Drinking during pregnancy puts your baby at high risks. Children may become mentally retardation and abnormal. Women should not drink during pregnancy; women can cause the baby to die.
Hallucinogens are ideas that have no purpose in reality; however it seems completely realistic. Hallucinogens were known to cause awareness in a person’s thoughts and impulses. LSD, DET, Phencyclidine, Cannabis, Mescaline, Psilocybin, Peyote and PCP are examples of hallucinogens drugs. The effects can cause flashbacks which one can hurt someone and others, breathing problems, coughs, causes one to see things or hear things that are not there, causes one to be depress and vomiting.
Marijuana is a drug that comes from a plant that triggers the...

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