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Drought Problems (Audience ) Essay

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English 1A
20th May 2014
Drought Problems
It is clear to everyone, Water is main source of survival for all mankind. Nevertheless people seem to imagine that our water supply is endless. So why worry? But problems of severe drought have affected many states in America. California is also one of the states that have been severely affected and the government has declared drought emergency state-wide. Many urban areas in the bay area have started taking action against drought emergency. The government in many district in Contra Costa county has requested the public to conserve water and introduced the preliminary water use reduction target that are to be followed by all the residents ...view middle of the document...

El Cerrito city also has city–wide greening projects that address the issue of water consumption. Rain gardens have been created along San Pablo Avenue and Ohlone Greenway that absorbs water from roofs, parking lot and walkways (Jones). This plant assists in cleaning the water that goes into the sewage system and also preserves the limited groundwater during critical dry occasions. Such type of greening projects could be implemented in many city areas that have been mostly affected due to drought as well, as a result of which the city does not face adverse effects of droughts later. The city government should give serious attention to such projects and begin to start such projects in the places like Santa Clara Valley where drought emergency has been issued, from which all the residents and public can benefit. Instead of waiting for the water conservation policies it would be better if the city focused on implementing such ideas for water conservation since drought condition in severe in this area. As we all know prevention is better than cure so likewise if many drought prone urban city had taken necessary measure to prevent drought than emergency action would not have been required.
Recently El Cerrito conducted a workshop known as Drought Resiliency (Treadway). It was free workshop that taught people how to save water with drought-resilient landscape practices, low impact laundry-to-garden gray water systems, and other low-cost home improvements (Treadway). If such workshop can make the public aware on different ways to conserve water than urban cities should definitely initiate this type of workshops right away. A suburban city like El Cerrito is doing so much to conserve water than an urban area should be able to do much more than just face consequences of the drought. Residents of urban areas should not just sit around waiting for solutions but take the matter into their own hands and start saving water themselves so that the whole city can take the step towards improvement. The government in many urban city areas should learn from the El Cerrito city in Contra Costa County and establish measures to overcome drought and save the city from drought scare the next time.

My original news story focuses on drought emergency measures taken by bay are water districts for urban area residents in Contra Costa County. The government at Santa Clara Valley has to take extreme emergency action on the worsening condition of drought. The delayed response by the government during drought has lead to harsh measures to save water. Many water conservation policies are being established in order to help conserve water. Also the urban residents are being forced to follow the cut back in water supply. For my...

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