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Drivers Of Brand Commitment: A Cross National Investigation

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Drivers of Brand Commitment: A Cross-National Investigation



Drivers of Brand Commitment: A Cross-National Investigation
Brand commitment is the degree of psychological links between consumers and service or products they purchase. In fact, commitment towards a brand is the loyalty of consumers towards certain services and products produced by distinct businesses. Brands are a vital component of businesses, this is because they develop customer relationships which eventually results in performance of the business (Eisingerich & Rubera, 2010). Customer brand loyalty is repetitive purchasing of the particular service or product with biasness ...view middle of the document...

There are two principles utilized in connecting brands and customers; self-brand connections and exchange theory (Eisingerich & Rubera, 2010).

The Role of National Culture

National culture is the homogeneity of features which differentiate groups in accordance with values, norms and institutions. This literature uses Hofstede’s 2001 structure which constitute five culture dimensions of national outlook; power distance, individualism, masculinity, long-term orientation and uncertainty avoidance.


Brand originality and Customer Commitment throughout Cultural Dimensions

Brand innovativeness is the level consumers perceive brands as capable of generating new solutions to customer needs. H1a; the positive impact of brands’ innovativeness on consumer commitment is powerful in individualist cultures than in collectivist. Secondly, H1b; positive impact of brands’ creativity on customer commitment is powerful in short-term oriented cultures as compared to long-term oriented ones. Thirdly, H1c; the positive effect of brands’ creativity on consumer commitment is powerful in cultures that are low on their power distance as compared to cultures high on the power distance.

Customer Orientation and Loyalty the Dimensions of Cultures

Customer orientation is the level an organization and persons in it focus efforts in comprehending and satisfying consumers. Hypothesis H2a states; the positive impacts of brands consumer orientation on consumer loyalty is stronger in the collectivist than in individualists cultures. Secondly, H2b; positive impact of brands’ consumer orientation on loyalty is stronger in high on strength cultures as compared to those of low on the power distance. Thirdly, H2c; positive impact on brands’ consumer orientation on customer loyalty is powerful in the long-term oriented as compared to short-term oriented cultures.

Brand Self-Relevance and Consumer Commitment Across the Dimensions of Cultures

First hypothesis H3a states; the positive impact of brands’ self-relevance on consumer commitment is stronger in the individualists than in the collectivists cultures. Next, H3b: the positive impact of brands’ self-relevance on consumer loyalty is stronger in the short-term oriented cultures as compared to the long-term oriented ones. Lastly, H3c: positive impact of the brands’ self-relevance on consumer commitment is stronger in the cultures with blow power on distance as compared to the cultures with high power on space.

Brands’ Social Responsibility and Consumer Loyalty Across the Cultural Dimensions

To begin with first hypothesis under social responsibility; H4a; positive impact of brands’ social responsibility over consumer loyalty is stronger in the collectivists cultures as compared to individualistic ones. Secondly, H4b; positive impact of brands’ social responsibility on consumer commitment is stronger in the long-term oriented cultures s compared to the cultures that have...

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