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Drive To Further My Education Essay

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My Drive to further my Education 1

My Drive to further my education

English Writing

Tamara Burford- Winston

Instructor: Kim Hurt

My Drive to further my education 2

I have always believed education is something that you can never get enough of. I have six sons and their education has always been something that I pushed for them to strive for the best. I lost my husband over five years ago and decided that it was a must that I further my education in a field where I could do the most good. I have been a nursing assistant for over 20 years, about two years ago I was diagnosed with Fibroblast and M.S. I though the years of raising my children had thought of returning to school, but working twelve hour days and caring for a large family I always left it on the back burner , but after the death of my husband I started thinking very strongly about my further education but still had two son at ...view middle of the document...

My youngest son started college in the spring and I decided it was time for me to get started too. I have entered into a program that is in hospital administration, which is not nearly as physical and as I researched careers I decided this would be the same field of taking care of people, which I have always been a caregiver, to the elderly, my family and whoever in my circle of friends that have needed help. So as you can see this was a natural choice for me to continue in the medical field. I will still have personal contact with the patients but no longer the physical care. I do miss giving one on one care but I know with my illness I have to change my career for myself. To be honest since the caring of my husband it sometimes hurts my heart to care for the terminally ill patients. I believe that I am driven to get my degree in hospital administration for myself and the patients that are admitted with little or no insurance. Through the years as a nursing assistant I saw the difference in the care for patients with high dollar insurance and those with insurance such as medicaid. I also want to become a voice for these patients as an advocate for these patients. I know I am one voice but these patients deserve the same care as the rest.

My school is very important to me now. I am working towards a new future and I am 44, at first it was a bit scary but now I know that I will accomplish my goal and once again be able to help sick people. I am learning proper writing techniques and proper grammar and spelling. I have noticed that even my casual writing is changing. I write a couple times a week and have found that my grammar, spelling and structure of my wring have improved. I am finding everyday I improve a little each day and that are the skills I am learning to become a better writer.. I am still nervous at times but have learned to take a deep breath and relax and do the best I can as a student to accomplish my goals. And as I complete my degree for myself and in honor of the love of my life my late husband. So now I hope you can see I must finish and continue my care for all involved.

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