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Office of Admissions ACU Box 29000 Abilene, Texas 79699-9000

application file created for:

Maribel Cazarez

Dear Maribel, Thank you for applying to Abilene Christian University! I can’t wait to review your completed application. Please complete the following steps so that we can return your admission decision: • Print a copy of this file and save it for your records. Your printed copy will include your application as submitted, along with your Official Document Request. Pay your application fee. If you haven’t already, please pay your application fee. You can return to your application to pay it online with a credit card, or you can send a check to the Office of Admissions at the ...view middle of the document...

That way, we can give you our fastest admission decision.

Maribel Cazarez 3301 N.Terry Fort Worth, TX 76106

Student release and waiver status:
By signing below, I grant my high school permission to release my transcripts to Abilene Christian University.
Maribel Cazarez

10/20/2013 04:46

Your student referenced above has just submitted an application for admission to Abilene Christian University. Please take a moment to forward us the following at your earliest convenience: Official high school transcripts

Upload the documents now.
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Student PIN: HGQ2NAMW8
Or you may mail documents to: Mailing Address: Office of Admissions, Abilene Christian University ACU Box 29000, Abilene, Texas 79699-9000 If you are a Docufide member, you may access your account to submit documents.

Thank you so much for your prompt attention in submitting these documents.

Abilene Christian University - Freshman Application

Personal Information
First Name Middle Name Last Name Preferred Name Cazarez Maribel

Home Phone Cell Phone


[ ] I give permission to Abilene Christian University to send me important updates via text messaging. (Standard message charges apply.) International Phone Country Code Phone Number Email Address 8173749935

Date of Birth Birth Country Birth City Birth State/Province Gender Social Security Number (optional)

10/16/1995 United States Fort Worth

Female 632-50-0716

Required for U.S. citizens and permanent residents applying for financial aid. Native Language If other, please type it here. English spanish

Permanent Address
Country Address Apt. # City State/Province ZIP/Postal Code Is your mailing address the same as your permanent address? Fort Worth Texas 76106 Yes United States 3301 N.Terry

Parent Information
Both Parents

First Name Last Name Is this person living? Phone Number International Phone Country Code Phone Number Email Primary Language Is your parent's address the same as your permanent address? Spanish Yes 2142882037 Javier Cazarez Yes 214-288-2037

Additional Parent
First Name Last Name Is this person living? Phone Number International Phone Country Code Phone Number Email Primary Language Is your parent's address the same as your permanent address? Spanish Yes 8177934023 Maria Cazarez Yes 817-793-4023

Existing Connections to ACU
Have you attended a summer camp at ACU? Have any of your siblings attended ACU? Did your parents or grandparents attend ACU? Are you the child or grandchild of an ACU faculty or staff member? No No No No

U.S. Citizen

Country of Dual Citizenship (if applicable) Do you plan to use the...

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