Drinking Soda Is Bad For You

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The average child spends six and a half hours a day at school, eight hours sleeping, a few hours of bus time, and an hour to get ready in the morning. This leaves children approximately four hours of time awake at home. So children are spending more time at school than home during the five day school week. With that in mind one would hope schools are providing a nutritionally, as well as educationally, sound environment for children to develop. Unfortunately, as long soft drinks are in schools they are not. Permitting soft drinks to be readily available to students is detrimental to their health in several areas of concern: growing obesity trends; weakening of the bones; and of course ...view middle of the document...

In today’s society calorie consumption is high which is leading to obesity now at a startling thirty percent. (Preventing obesity and chronic disease 2007) One primary source of calorie increase is beverages that lack a nutritional base, soft drinks
In a study where researchers identified the individual food items that showed the greatest increase in caloric expenditure during the time that we have seen the greatest rise in obesity, they found that the main culprits were: soft drinks, salty snacks like chips, French fries, and pizza. (Preventing obesity and chronic disease)
The large consumption of soft drinks provides one with many extra calories that should be coming from healthier sources. But nonetheless in the previous decade the amount of soft drinks consumed has increased thirty percent, which is providing around fifteen percent of the calories consumed by children and adolescents. The increase is not limited to consumption, but it also increases the likelihood of childhood obesity by sixty percent. (Black, 2009)

Sugary carbonated beverages are something one should not be exposing to children. When seeking out a beverage healthy should be the first priority. “Regular sugar-sweetened beverage consumption between meals places young children at risk of becoming overweight early in life.” (Dubois, L., A. Farmer, and M. Girard 2007) Nutritional habits are instilled in children at a young age and follow them throughout life which is why refined sugars should be extremely limited as recommended by the food guide pyramid. Beverage consumption habits form during young adulthood carry large impacts on beverage choices later in life. (Fiorito 2009) Healthy beverages need to be the only option for school children in order to ensure a healthy tomorrow for them.
To be obese at a young age, or any age, poses heavy health concerns. Health problems that used to primarily affect one later in life are increasing at a younger age due to weight.
The average teenager gulps down almost two cans of soda every day-often purchased from a school vending machine. While those sweet sips can add thousands, even millions, of dollars in soda-company incentives to a school district's budget, the health consequences for kids are sour. The extra 2,100 calories per week contribute to childhood obesity and its accompanying risks for diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. (Cappoza 2009)
The daily consumption of soft drinks is setting children up to live a shorter life in a day and age where one’s life span should be increasing. “Left unchecked, this epidemic portends the possibility that a future generation may actually live a shorter or less healthful life than previous generations.” (Preventing obesity and chronic disease)
Soft drinks consumed on a daily bases tend to contribute to obesity issues in children. Soft drinks provide a lot of empty calories as well as sugar which should be coming from a more nutritional source. Children learn...

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